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  • Why Interlock

    I have realy been thinking along time about this one : why is there an interlock system on the machine ? What are the benefits ?
    I know most mechanics overrule the interlock circuit by pushing the S3 switch or just push in the table relay!
    I know allso pinchasers have another problem if there's something wrong with the circuit.
    I know you should have to unplug the sweep motor and handcrank the table up...
    I allso see that there is another interlock after that again very often....
    I allso know that there is most of the the time no damage to the machine if you overrule the system...
    I allso know you realy can get damage if your table is down in interlock position and some open bowlers try to smash your table in two...
    I allso know there is something wrong with your machine if you get an interlock(mostly a too week table motor)....
    But is this worth this circuit?
    I don't you?


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    So it goes.

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    Re: Why Interlock

    Interlocks are caused by 1 or more of the following:

    1. Bad mechanical motor switches.
    2. Bas ss switches - the quality switches are very bad for coasting.
    3. Worn out lower contactor.
    4. Table or sweep interlock switches out of adjustment....not enough clearance - 136/176 gauge.
    5. SA or SB, ot TA or TB switches out of adj - 136/176 gauge.
    6. Table or sweep cam out of place due to sweep hit by bowler.

    I believe it is wise to leave the system in place. It is better then a Brunswick machine that goes into a blackout.

    It does save wear and tear on respot cells, wires if applicapable, sweep shocks, aluminum wireways, etc.



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      Re: Why Interlock

      Don't worry they are all still working fine in our center and I'm not going to remove it(yet)....but...Is your machine realy working worse without interlock..Or better with.
      I know what can cause an interlock....question stays : is it worth this circuit?
      I can think about better cicuits on this machine!
      And point #4 on your list is something to think about.


      Massage without editing by Lampie.

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      So it goes.


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        Re: Why Interlock

        The interlock circuit prevents the table and sweep from making physical contact with each other. Yes they are an absolute necsssity. Just ask anyone who works on 30's.



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          Re: Why Interlock

          I've been working on 30 machines for about 15 years and yes I agree that these machines would have been better with an interlock circuit due to the cups that are coming much lower than the table and a sweep that is much weaker(in the beginning) than the 70 machine.
          But what is the interlock realy protecting in a 70 machine, knowing that 99% of the interlocks are overruled by the mechanic(you don't do that ofcourse)by pushing the table relay or the sweep switch?

          So it goes.


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            Re: Why Interlock

            I've always thought it was strange that our machines have an interlock system to protect the machine. Most industrial machines have an interlock system to protect the operator.

            But yes, dude, it does serve a purpose. Have seen (and caused, in my younger days) some nasty jam-ups with sweep stuck to front of table, or sweep stuck against cups.
            Even if you don't end up with these nasty situations, the interlock is a helpful indicator that something is F'd in your machine, so you can fix it before it gets worse and does cause damage.

            King - I don't mean to question your highness, but isn't it TA-I or TA-II switches?

            Is a screwy S or M2 relay another possible cause of IL condition?
            How about a short on terminal strip?
            Lost C-1 pin-socket contact mid-cycle due to corrosion?
            Weak sweep capacitor/bad terminal on sweep capacitor?
            On a 5-board chassis, hmmmm... bad..uh...2-board?
            A pin getting stuck under sweep at tailplank, stopping sweep?
            Combo motor klixon popped mid-cycle?
            I'm sure there's more, and some of mine aint right.

            Now this is fun!!!


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              Re: Why Interlock

              Why don't you test it out for us Lil'helper. HeHeHe. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]

              At the same time you could cut your sweeps in half and put spring hinges on them so they swing open when a ball hits them. I mean heck, they only hit the sweep when the table is up anyways. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]

              Magic, can you tell me what the 4th Table cam switch was called and used for on the early 8270 models??? [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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                Re: Why Interlock

                When I get an interlock....I always open up the interlock switch and depress the switch button to clear the interlock if it looks like it will clear. Sometimes the table and sweep still make contact around the end of the #7 pin respot cell aluminum wireway. I believe it will bend or break #7 respot cell studs and bend wire ways.

                I believe the interlock circuit is good for the machine because if the sweep and table interlocked at full speed with the gear reduction motor it would tear the hell out of something.

                At one time we had quality ss switches on our sweep motors because I didnt know the other relay from Stahl's existed. We would have interlocks all the time.

                My position is to leave the circuit alone.

                Magic...welcome back....I believe the M relay has something to do with energizing the 60 second delay when the machine is turned off. The 60 second delay is imperitive to not having turn pan jams when the machine is turned off.....just ask any Brunswick tech about that.



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                  Re: Why Interlock

                  at my national/MP house, naturally sweeps coast, and coast and coast. yeah ive done every trick under the sun. they only last a few months, and then its back to coasting.

                  so i just turned the SC lever so it never touched the cam. i've never had a prob, similar to the GPS issue.

                  However in the SS houses, i cant do that (or at least not on the few i tried it on). the chassis gets confused and out of sequence, its like all the 1's and 0's in the SS's brain get messed up. i cant, dont care to explain it, although im sure jimmy jam can, he seems to be the wiz with chassis.

                  so in the SS/national houses i run two jumper wires and connect it to the 2nd ball stepper button. when an interlock occurs, just push the button and machine continues


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                    Re: Why Interlock

                    Hey Jimmy Jam, wasn't that 4th table cam switch called TA-3. I believe it was used in the bin roll-over circuit.


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                      Re: Why Interlock

                      You are close GPS, the 4th table cam was the TC cam and was used to tell the chassis the table was up for bin rollover. I like the idea of an interlock system. It lets you know you need to find out there is something not right with the machine. I have seen a pinchaser think he knew what he was doing (bypassing the switch) and run the table up, with the sweep on top of it. Ouch!

                      -where is spell check on this thing?


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                        Re: Why Interlock

                        Ohhhh yea, sweep on top of the table, poor pit light and pit light supports, glass all over the lanessssssssssss. I'll stick with the interlock system. Good question Lampie. Made a few people think up some good reasons that causes interlocks. There, you did it again. Knuckles


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                          Re: Why Interlock

                          Well I got the whole bunch together, just missed the bold one.
                          I have to admit this was a little tricky question..
                          Thanks for all your replys and time, and yes I will keep my interlock circuit in place!
                          For Jonas : Nice thought about your sweep option, will YOU try this out for us? And your question about trying to work without interlock.....I did try that without knowing; A year ago one of the SC wires came loose(NO and NC made a short), I wasn't informed about this(the mechanic that had the first problem with it did put the sc screw that far out you could never get an interlock, but he didn't tell this to anyone....Now comes another Oopsie or Those were the days...
                          On that same lane I was teaching a new(was)comber how to adjust the table and sweep switches...when I was ready with adjusting(ofcours saying "that one-SC- was way out of range I wanted to show him how good the machine works after this.....No way, and he didn't believe me any more, constant interlock after doing it the right way, OH S##t.
                          But the machine worked ok all that time(mmmhhhh).
                          To Jerry...I never use a gauge to adjust the table or sweep cam switches, I do it like this : For the TA1,TA2,SA and SB put the camfollower on the high point of the cam, turn the bolt towards the cam until you hear the switch clicking, turn the bold exactly back 360 degrees andn fasten it.
                          For the TA3 and SC the same procedure but 180 degrees back instaid of 360(If you don't have a mixture of snc or snf wires ofcours).
                          But thanks for all your good replys this will help a lot of people.
                          I'm sorry for putting in a nasty question but I don't give a F##k about what's on your coffee cup!

                          Special AKA
                          So it goes.


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                            Re: Why Interlock

                            I would ship you a gauge if it wouldn't cost $43 dollars....LMAO



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                              Re: Why Interlock

                              So it's 82/70 SKINFLINT..Whaha ROFLMAO.

                              So it goes.


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