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Gear lube?


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  • Gear lube?

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone out there knows what type of gear lube I can use as an adequate replacement for the AMF gear lube, and where I might find it? I've asked 3 different people so far and I've gotten 3 different answers [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] . I'm looking at changing it in all of my machines (as it hasn't been done in quite some time) and was thinking there must be something out there cheaper than the $9.50 a pint AMF wants for it. I'm kinda lost here, and would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thanks much!


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    Re: Gear lube?

    Having used Vantage V280 Special Blend Gear Oil for years before I worked at Vantage, and using it in all of the new gearboxes I build and old ones I rebuild, I think it is the finest product out there for our gearboxes.
    It is made of high quality products, blended together to make a super-protective, long-lasting 90/156 weight lubricant. (I could tell you what it's made of, but I'd have to kill you) It stays clean longer than Sohivis, but it retains contaminants. I know this because I rebuild gearboxes, and those that had Sohivis in them have the walls and floor of the box covered in black sludge. Those that had V280 in them do not.

    I'm not sure of the price of V280, but I am sure that it is the best product available.

    Also of note:
    ~Always a good idea to rinse the gearbox with MEK or kerosene, mainly to remove the sludge. A half-hour is good soak time, but do not overfill - it will ruin your seals if you do.
    ~Make sure you have a breather plug in your gearbox, again, to protect the seals.
    ~If a gearbox makes odd noises, remove it immediately - they never get better. They only get worse and likely will destroy more parts.

    Chad Q.


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      Re: Gear lube?

      Thanks for the information Chad, it is appreciated. I ordered the V280 today and I also let them know Chad sent me :p .



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        Re: Gear lube?

        Kingpin -
        Thanx & I'm glad you chose to go with V280!
        I knew that you had mentioned me because head salesman Roger Keehn came over to my work area with your email printed out and a strange look on his face. "yup, he asked, I told." I said.

        Now we know - V280 is $7.50/pint. Less than some competitors and in my opinion, vastly superior.
        Hope you enjoy it!

        Chaddo AKA The Greasy Kid


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          Re: Gear lube?

          We just use standard 80-90 automotive oil & have never had any problems.
          At Hilton (where $$$ is not a problem) we used Amsoil synthetic. (About $10 qt)


          PS - Hey Chad... I'm back!!! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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            Re: Gear lube?

            There goes the neighborhood...

            Been wonderin' if you'd fallen into Lake Tahoe or something. Glad you found the site again [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]


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              Re: Gear lube?

              Is there a table or schedule available of the Vantage oil for the combi motors?
              I'm interested in the viscosity at 50 degrees Celcius(about the temp. of the gear box after a few hours running).
              Some high viscosity oils have a very high curve downwards between 20 and 50 degrees Celcius, causing bad breaking of the combi motors after running for some time.
              After Sohivis J-157, we used Fiona 1000, after that Valvata 1000(both from shell and both out of production).
              Sorry for not using Fahrenheit, too lazy.
              Maybe an interesting add:the reason why the oil we are using is very hard to get is that it originaly was used for steam machines, well not so may steam machines around here anymore(except me), so oil companys stopped production.

              Bad Ass Martin
              So it goes.


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                Re: Gear lube?

                I dunno... Maybe I'm goofy, but all I use in the gearboxes is a standard 90-weight gear oil, non-detergent. Basically the same stuff that goes into the rear axle of most pickups and dump trucks. Lately it's been either Shell's Rotella 90-weight, or Pennzoil 9010.

                We've been running this stuff for pretty much all of the 11 years that I've been with the place, and I've replaced a total of 3 BE gearboxes (leaky distributor drive seal), and ZERO front-end gearboxes. When I disassembled one of the BE gearboxes, there was no signs of major wear or damage anywhere. Seems like a fairly good track record to me... and the oil only costs about $8.00 a gallon.

                I've been looking at maybe switching to a $12.00/gallon industrial high-temp, heavy-duty synthetic blend that should work even better. Probably this summer when I go thru the gearboxes again.
                <span style="font-style: italic">Educatio est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis</span>


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                  Re: Gear lube?

                  Gman, I dunno too,
                  I think it's because the USA is big and the Netherlands is(are)small.
                  We realy have a problem getting the right oil, but last week I had a conversation about this with Gulf, and they are going to make some oil for me .

                  So it goes.


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