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82-70 slid to far back?


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  • 82-70 slid to far back?

    I'm working on some 82-70s that the front of the kickbacks are 7 inches and some change (depending on lane) from the 7-10 line. I wondering since some of them are also a bit rack that I should bring them back forward. Also hoping that it will clear up some of the problems like pins rolling on the front rollers.

    I've done pinchasing for few years but this is all a bit new. So I'm looking for opinions. :p

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    Re: 82-70 slid to far back?

    Believe it or not, that's a pretty hefty question... and it doesn't have a perfect answer... each installation may need different 'creative' ways of fixing problems:

    You could move the backends of the machines forward if there's room... but keep in mind that you would have to move the pair to keep the ball exits and shared components lined up... and it would be one nutbuster of a job. Especially if the ones that need to be moved are near the center of the row. After they are moved, they would also have to have the ball exit components readjusted, since you will need to disconnect everything to move the machines... and if the front-ends have to be moved up to make room, you've really opened a can of worms.

    Mildly racked machines can sometimes be straightened out a bit without boogering everything else up, but it can still be quite a job to do.

    Carpet tracking problems can be bandaged on a machine that's not too far out of line... adding a kicker spring hooked on and stretched in the main carpet spring's coils on the side -opposite- the one that's tracking up against the flange will usually straighten it out.

    Pin-roll is pretty easy to fix without moving machines... Just add some material in front of the roller, and just a bit higher than the carpet. We have a couple that have a little too much gap at the tailplank... We used a rubber slab from a cushion... We pulled the pit, and bolted it to the tailplank with lag bolts and fender washers that fit right inside the holes where the rivets go... it recesses them back to where nothing can contact the bolt heads. Just remember to keep it about 1/2" below the edge of the gutter flat so it doesn't qualify as 'extending the gutters', and make sure that the carpet flanges won't rub on it... if they do, cut out the areas where the carpet flanges run, plus 1-1/2" to either side to allow for horizontal movement of the flanges. Stops the "rollers" nicely, and has the added bonus of saving the tailplank for getting beaten on as much.

    Good luck...
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