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cracked pbl door weldments....


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  • cracked pbl door weldments....

    Hey all!!

    I was cleaning the ball lifts at the centre today, and I noticed probably about 75% of the machines (in a 24-lane centre) have cracked door weldments as shown in the picture. Most of these dont pose a problem, but sometimes the inner part of the weldment raises up at the crack and scratches the crap outta balls.

    Previously we have been fixing this by replacing the whole door weldment, which most of you know isnt the best (or easiest) job to do on a machine!! The we would weld the crack up and wait for the next one to go.

    It only seems to happen to a pair (both weldments are cracked, or neither of them are) and the cracks are usually no more than 1 inch long.

    Nothing really major i guess, but i was just wondering if you guys know how we can stop this.

    Have fun!

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    Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

    Check and see if where the A part of the machine bolts to the B assy. is tight. Other wise ball impacts move the pit assy. causing these type of fractures. The ball door assy seems to be a major part in keeping the 2 machines together.

    I would not waste my time welding them. I would replace them with the Life long ball door rings that come with the humpbacks. They are very thick and sturdy as an anvil. I have them across the house...some for 2 1/2 years. No broken ones yet. We are high lineage and cannot afford to lose a pair to broken weldments anytime.



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      Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

      I installed pbls 4 years ago and they came with urethane door rings. I haven't had a single one break yet. Maybe it would be worth trying the urethane ones. Also if one would break, I don't think it would cause any ball damage because they are soft.
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        Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

        I agree with King, I'd replace the broken ones with Lifelong's door weldments. Not only are the the sturdiest, but they also have a 10 year warranty. check out their webpage
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          Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

          Urethane Ball Door rings. . . or a nice layer of duct tape


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            Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

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              Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

              We had breakage & flexing problems with the plastic ones. Sometimes the head of a pin would get stuck between the hotdog & the rear plate of the ring.
              I would suggest the lifelong ball door rings too. They're the same as the AMF metal rings, just built better.



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                Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

                Hey kryley,
                It would help alot if we could see the pic, down here in victoria a red x dosent look like a craked pbl door weldment, [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] or maybe we just dont get enough sun down here and it effects our vision for makeing x look like door weldment


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                  Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

                  Glad you mentioned that Cowbow......I thought it was my computer playing up again!!


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                    Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

                    To see the pic..right click on the red x and click properties. Highlight the URL shown then copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser. Then, after it loads, click the back button.

                    Some web page providers are too slow and Bowl-Tech dosn't recognise them.

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                      Re: cracked pbl door weldments....

                      Hey Kryley,

                      We've started to get rid of the metal rings here now &amp; replacing them with the red AMF u'thane - First pair went in 6 months ago now - still no probs (and no scratched balls !!)

                      Trying to do a pair per month as the budget permits.



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