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Lube and Grease schedules?


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  • Lube and Grease schedules?

    How do you guys work in your lubing and greasing into your schedule?

    I am pretty new in a 52 lane center that is busy a lot, and I've noticed that some of the preventitive lubing and greasing isn't getting done all the time.

    And some stuff is getting overdone.

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have any good checklists for doing the lubes, and when do you usually get it done. Our center is open 24 hours.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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    Re: Lube and Grease schedules?

    I use those dry-wipe whiteboards for all schedules, from PM to pinchasers... I mark rows and columns on them with a permanent marker (so the blocks don't rub off), then just mark in the operation to be performed, and the time period to do it, at the top column. There's a checkbox for each machine, where we mark the date that the work was done. It's up in plain view for everyone to see, so no one has any excuse that they didn't know what needed to be done...and the boss likes it because he can see what is getting done and when (so he can justify writing out those "big checks"...not) We pretty much follow the standard AMF PM schedule, with a few small changes (like the pin wheel ring tube - the oiler wicks don't work for crap, so we use regular grease (applied with a 1" paintbrush) instead of filling the oil cups. Nice thing with the grease is you get a lot less 'drip' from the wheel. Usually we try to pair up operations so when you're in an area doing one thing, you do them both (like when checking the front end and cam adjustments, you grease the front end, too) I can send you a copy of the AMF original PM schedule if you'd like...

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