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Spotting cups gitting pins


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  • Spotting cups gitting pins

    OK this is new one for me. We are having the pins fall over on respotting due to the fact that the cups were hitting the top of the pin.

    "Adjust the clevis", you say, thats what I thought. I watched this all day and the maching would knock over the 1 (every time)the, 2,5,6. and the 8. The cups were hitting the tops hard.

    From watching this I first thought of the table being to low or at least not level.

    After the six game tournament I got under the machine and measured the table height six ways to Sunday and low and behold

    IT WAS TOO HIGH! about 5/16 too high!

    The pins are spotting on spot and not wobbleing or anything I did not have a pin fall on sptting one time.

    I have no idea where to start on this one. Things seem to be doing the opposite of what they sould be for this problem.

    Pat. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]

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    Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

    Check the bubble adjustment with a combo square on the 2/3 pin shaft. This is the 2nd adj. I believe in the spotting adj.


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      Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

      If this is something that just started I would look for a bad bearing or any worn part associated with the table movement and spotting pins. After that I would flag and level the table, Then go through the basic spotting adjustments. If your machine height is correct and all adjustments are good then the pins should not contact the cups during a respot.


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        Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

        Just to restate the problem, it sounds like the cups are going into thier "park" movement (swinging back to horizontal) too early, before they clear the heads of the pins.

        Check the drive linkages and spotting mechanism... might be something there causing a bind and throwing the timing off.
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          Re: Spotting cups gitting pins



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            Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

            Pat, the table isn't as complex as it looks.

            Make sure your Table is at BDC when you recheck your height

            Well you've adjusted your clevis, sometimes it's easier to check your table to see if it is level (side to side and front to back) while your table is under the 5/16" adjustment. I feel it's easier because you can check quicker with your finger tips than using the cup gauge. If it is not, level it out. This only take a few minutes.

            Remember each half turn with the clevis is equivilant to 1/8" in height.

            Now if you have a manual, start over on you table adjustments. Do not skip any steps.

            Once you've finished all the proper adjustments,
            if the problem still exists; then we can take potshots at the cause.

            Keep us posted.
            Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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              Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

              Mike I like your ideas. Last night I was tired and just looked at the table height, Mike it is level. I think that a light came on when I saw the 1/2 bubble adj. That one sounds right. I thought is might be a bearing also but then it is happening on each of the three rods not any more often in one place or another.

              The problem is not with spotting that seems to be fine and the pins are one spot and not shaking at all. During respotting the cups are hitting the tops of the pins left standing so hard that they are moved or they fall over.

              I am printing this and taking it with me later today. Thanks for all the help. Back at ya later.



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                Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                If there aren't any worn parts &amp; all the adj's are correct (From machine height thru cup adj.) and the cups are still hitting the tops of the pins, there's one adj. left. I use it frequently but everything must be adj. properly, first or you'll cause more problems.

                1) Position the table at bottom dead center of the respot cycle (cups sitting on top of pins).

                2) Lengthen the yoke stop bolt (The same one you used to get your ½ bubble adj.) until the offending cup(s) are ¼” from the top of the pin(s).

                If all of the other adj's are correct, this will cure your problem without causing any adverse affects.


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                  Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                  adding to what dutch said...after setting the stop bolt so pincups do not touch pins on respot,

                  get table into spotting mode, stop table when pin bottom of the head pin reaches 1/4", adjust spotting rod so the stop bolt is "just!" pulling away. chances are the rack will be set in front of their spots, but just get'm runnin for now

                  how far away from Seattle is Gooding? i could use a road trip. . .LOL


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                    Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                    [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] How does that help him when ABC comes out?

                    Well thats just like your opinion man...


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                      Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                      We're not worried about ABC right now, Deadwood. We're worried about keeping the bowlers happy &amp; keeping him from having to do respots every 5 min. He can worry about inspection later.


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                        Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                        thx for the cover, also somewhere in the past i read, racks are allowed to be "uniform" off within 1/4" of spot. i may be wrong, but i never claim to be right


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                          Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                          You might have bad bushings in the "tie link". If the bushing is bad next to the #1 cup all the rest of the cups will have to be adjusted with more "toe in" to get them on spot. That means they will set lower on the respot cycle and could hit the tops of the pins.


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                            Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                            GOT IT!!!!!!! Thanks guys I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all the help. In the end I did go through all the table adjustments. But here is what it was. I should have known this by seeing the problem get worse and worse.

                            What happened was that the lock nut on th yolk stop bolt worked loose therefore the stop was way out of adjustment. The stop bolt had worked itself to the end of its threads and the cutp were tilted foreward, but they were never wobeling and always on spot.

                            Dutch you were a big help and I looked at one thing after a long day and got worried.

                            I thought about the ABC thing also but as Dutch said the first thing is making bowlers and bosses happy, a working machine seems to do that. The rest can be worked in over time. ABC compliance is a big part of the game but no more important than all the other parts.

                            For those who want a road trip you want to see potatoes cows and beats come on down. The town where the bowing center is is called Shoshone. The only stop light is for the trains. We are close to a lot of world renound fishing and even some movie stars. Shoshone is 1 hour away from SUN VALLEY IDAHO and you can see a lot of jets and movie stars if you walk the streets there. ITs a town like Aspen CO or Jackson Hole WY.

                            I work part time at a nice ten lane house. Not perfect but it runs well and has great lighting and a great staff, and it keeps me busy on the machines. We have 10 lanes and Quibica scoring and 8270 B machines, complete with the relay chassis!

                            Thanks again guys! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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                              Re: Spotting cups gitting pins

                              Glad we could help, Pat.

                              I might be able to get up to see you this summer. My wife was born in Mountain Home &amp; there are relatives in Pocatello, Gooding &amp; I think, even Shoshone. Her parents live just outside Wells, NV. We get there a couple times a year. Elko has their 2nd annual motorcycle rally in June (I think). Maybe we could take an extra day &amp; buzz up to see you then. It should only take a couple hrs. to get there from Wells.


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