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Distributor super clutch not right


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  • Distributor super clutch not right

    Yea the "G" and the "H" are really close wrong key one that last one. But then I am a hick from the sitcks and we do say "GIT" a lot.

    I have one more from this long day.

    The distributor on one of the lanes was stacking on the 4 and the 10 pin spots. Not enough clutch tention I thought. Then I noticed that the distributor had developed a shimi. When I tried to roll the indexing arm man did it have a lot of pressure on it! I could hardly pull it back and when it went foreward it just slammed into the stop.

    This happened at the end of a six game set of 5 person teams. I put a new clutch and gear on but no difference.

    Any ideas. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img]

    We have a low linage house that I work at part time. Boy its a lot of fun, the owner trusts me in the back and has no problem getting parts or tools, its like getting paid for a hobby!

    Thanks for all the help.

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    Re: Distributor super clutch not right

    Check the linear spring for the correct one.....this would be the spring that returns the carriage from the 9 to the 1 pin. Maybe someone put on a incorrect spring with too much tension.


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      Re: Distributor super clutch not right

      put the original AMF clutch back on and your problem will go away. Those super clutches are nothing but problems.
      Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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        Re: Distributor super clutch not right

        I wishj I could go back to the orrigional but they are gone and right before I got there someone dumped a lot of mooney into the Super Clutches, For the most part they are fine and I am not sure that the cluch is the problem.

        As far as the spring goes I thought about that and took it off no change. Something is driving that assembly witha lot of pressure. I was thinking that maybe it is the sleeve in the gear where the clutch attatches.

        Something is not allowing the shaft to turn freely.



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          Re: Distributor super clutch not right


          Check to see if the sleeve inside the pinion gear is well lubed. I know the Super Clutches shipped with that plastic pinion sleeve which required some well as the original bronze style. Either way, check to make sure you have enough lube inside the pinion and that there are no burrs on the pulley shaft (inside the pinion sleeve).
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            Re: Distributor super clutch not right

            What kind of belt are you using on that dist? If it's a fairly new (year or less) rough top or similar, thick type, leave the linear spring off until the belt breaks in. In a low lineage house, it could take a year to break in.

            Also, check the eccentric adj. There should be a little bit of drag... Enough to help slow the carriage down just a little.

            Although it won't cause the carriage tension problem that you described, a shimmy that occurs mostly in the 4-6-7-8-9-10 positions is usually caused by a worn U-joint on the dist drive shaft.


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              Re: Distributor super clutch not right

              see if the bolt which the trip cable is connected to isnt hitting the bottom of the orientation pan when retracting from 4-7 and 6-10


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                Re: Distributor super clutch not right

                [ February 19, 2002: Message edited by: Deadwood2 ]
                Well thats just like your opinion man...


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                  Re: Distributor super clutch not right

                  GOT it, thanks all!!!! This was a combination of a few things. The sleve in the pinion was dry, the nylon washer in the clutch was deformed, and the main thing was the belt was cut to short.

                  This last one was probably the cause of most of my pain. I do not understand this one though. I changed that belt months ago and have not a problem until the big womans tournament OK the six game womans tournament. No problems last night.

                  We have a small town center and here is something that will make you think. Last month I drilled a new ball for a team. They all chipped in and wanted, "One of them new resin balls" So as a team they got an Apex. They drew straws to see who would get measured for it and they all use it. They are nice fun loving guys but I had to laugh at that one. By the way they won the first 1/2 on Tuesday night.


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                    Re: Distributor super clutch not right

                    That would be a great story to put into a book called “Redneck Bowling”. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]


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