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  • Front End Gearbox

    I have a front end gear box that has developed some slop. It is only noticable when the sweeps comes down to first guard. It would drift back a little. With the sweep at first guard you could move the shaft a good bit. I replaced the gearbox and all is well. But, I have never taken apart a front end gearbox before, plenty of Backends though. How do these things come apart, and what should I look for to find where the slop is comming from. Thanks in advance for your help [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
    Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!

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    Re: Front End Gearbox

    do ya have nationals??


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      Re: Front End Gearbox

      Regardless of what type you have, the most notorious part is the ring gear (1179 for WH). This is also an expensive part.

      It is the big triangle-shape piece around the output shaft. Pull the four screws and take it off (you may have to beat it with a rubber mallet until it turns sideways) and inspect the gear teeth within (cover your nose, it will smell like a doushebag).
      If teeth are worn, you need a new one.
      The helical gears (3 that rotate around the ring) may also be worn but they are typically stronger and do not wear out as quickly.

      Or, if you have Nationals, your keyway and key may be screwed. Or maybe the brass wheel gear. Consult Stahl's Seventy's for that.

      Just make sure you keep the shims. You can order more from Vantage if those are too nasty.


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        Re: Front End Gearbox

        Sorry, forgot to mention they are Westinghouse.
        Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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          Re: Front End Gearbox

          82/70 AMF has a manual that is quite handy. It will explain everything you need to do. It's not as hard as it looks. Part #610 007 010.
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            Re: Front End Gearbox

            I have that manual. Took it apart today to find a bad ring gear like chad said. Came apart fairly easy. Chad, does Vantage have an exchange program for gearboxes? If they do, how much is it?
            Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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              Re: Front End Gearbox

              No, there is not an exchange program but there is a rebuild program. I don't have a bunch of used gearboxes sitting around in the shop.

              If you call up 800-255-7401 and arrange it, I'll be glad to make any and all gearboxes run good. I have nothing to do with pricing structure though, so I don't know about $$$. It'll probably cost you more than it's worth once shipping and all is considered.

              Now that you know the ring gear is eaten, it is necessary to pull apart and completely clean the whole gearbox. Gear shards could've easily gotten stuck in the worm/wheel or in any bearing. Visually inspect and spin all bearings to make sure they're not damaged.

              My advice is to replace the ring gear with a good Vantage unit V785 501 179. Helical gears often should be replaced too V785 501 134. Or their shafts V785 501 287. You can buy the whole cage assembly shee-bang as a V218.

              Or, sometimes it's as simple as adding shim V785 501 304 between the gearbox and the ring gear.

              I'm lucky because if I need a part, I can just go grab it off the shelf. I realize that you don't have that advantage.

              Nonetheless, investing in some combo gearbox parts would probably save you trouble in the future.

              My personal advise is to do it yourself, learn about the combos, and save some moolah. There's a lot less stuff in a combo than there is in a BE.

              It is also my belief that Vantage V280 will save more wear on your gearbox components than any other oil. And it's cheaper!

              Thanx for recognizing me,


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                Re: Front End Gearbox

                Thanks for the advice Chad. I will be ordering the parts on Monday. I'm going to replace the helical gears too because they look a little worn. Everything else looks good. I also stocked up on V280 a while back and have it in most of my Backend gearboxes. I'm slowly changing the oil in the Combos.
                Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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