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  • Where do i start

    Just moved back to a bowl 82-70's where I worked a couple of years ago. I left because of management attitude. Was immediately snapped up by another bowl about 35k from where i live. Now they persuaded me to go back...... and the place is a mess. 28 lanes 82-70's with Accuscore

    40 calls a DAY, loose wedges in pinwheels (some only have 4), machines filthy, in desperate need of lubrication. Each machine need full table,sweep and respot set up. How some of them are managing to work I have no idea. About 12 nees urgent pit service. And thats what iv'e noticed in one day. Been doing the job a while now so i have a good idea. If anyody has any suggestions for a methodical process please post details or send them to me.

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    Re: Where do i start

    Been there done that.....I wont fix up anymore dumps.

    Make a list and knock off the problems that cause stops 1st.



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      Re: Where do i start

      Am there… Doing that… It's a love/hate relationship. Fortunately, more love than hate.

      It's a long process. I've been working on this place for about 8 months & the bowlers are commenting on the improved performance of the machines almost every day. It's a good feeling but I have a long way to go. Last September ran just shy of 450 Frames Per Stop. March ran just shy of 800 FPS. My goal for this September is 1,000 FPS.

      In regards to where to start, I agree with Jerry, except for 1 thing. Before you can get started with that, make sure you, the shop & your parts inventory are organized. If you have to spend ½ your shift looking for parts or tools, you'll never get anything done.

      If you don't have call sheets, make some & put one on every pair. The “squeakiest wheels” will reveal themselves in a day or 2. As soon as you know where the most calls are, go for it.

      If you have a pinchaser, get him cleaning & lubing. Trouble calls can be reduced by about 20% just by cleaning & lubing the machines. Get him doing all the little stuff so that you're free to attack the big stuff. Make a daily checklist for him to do. If you want, I can send you several checklists that I've made. They're Word documents set up for a 24 lane center with a part time pinchaser. You should easily be able to modify them to suit your needs.

      Good Luck.



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        Re: Where do i start

        I agree with King and Dutch. One thing I might add is that you make separate log sheets for each system of the machine.
        Pit, Table, Sweep, Motors, (PBL - Light ball sensor), Dist., Chassis, etc.

        As long as you track where you have been, you'll know where you haven't been.

        I can send you the ones I use for ideas.

        Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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          Re: Where do i start

          Cheers guys, anything you think may be useful please send. Been there 4 days now, got the workshop and part's and tool store to a reasonable level. Nothing was organised in any way at all. There are several horror stories on the machines. Going to take my camera in and post the pics. Hope the manager doesn't catch me. To say disgraceful is an understatement. Several table's are still covered in dust from the resurface in "SEPTEMBER". That gives you an indication of what work has been done. Had to jump in on several lanes to do table and respot set up's.

          One funny thing is they removed the wires to all the respot cell because they are not used. But didn't modify wiring between the capacitors. Result every time bowler gets a spare or strike in tenth frame,re racks from bowlers end you get pin jam in table. These wires were removed to try and stop "interlocks".

          Now that's a new one on me, when i can get them to explain wgy removing the mentioned wires stops an interock i will let you know. But don't hold your breath for a quick reply !


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            Re: Where do i start

            Originally posted by Mike Stalker:
            As long as you track where you have been, you'll know where you haven't been.
            <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">From the sound of things, all he has to do is look for where the dust was disturbed, and he'll know exactly where he's been... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

            I never heard of removing the table wiring and getting interlocks... 'sup wit dat?
            <span style="font-style: italic">Educatio est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis</span>


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              Re: Where do i start

              That's the point "G Man" those wires don't sorry can't cause interlocks. These guys haven't got a clue about anything. When a B/E motor gets taken off they leave the tray on the floor behind the lane. If a part breaks it gets left on top of the pinspotter, just waiting to fall into the table and cause even more problems. My 13 month old litle boy has more intelligence than these 3 guys put together.


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