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Qustion on the 82/90s


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  • Qustion on the 82/90s

    Dose any one have the 82/90 and what kind of problems do you have with them? And is it true with the single chassis for both machines if one machine goes down you louse both?

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    Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

    Yes, both machines share the same chassis. I assume that means a problem with 1 could affect the other. Mechanic 8230 is on an interstate vacation. He has the upgrade on his 70's & loves them. I'm sure that when he gets back he'll have some input on this subject.

    I was at his place last week & saw the upgrade for the 1st time. My favorite feature (among others) was the fact that the chassis beeps, warning you that the lane is about to turn on.

    Since I only know what I learned in the short time I was there that day, I'll let those who know what they're talking about continue from here.



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      Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

      I've only had minimal experience with them as well... From what I've seen and heard, a chassis problem may affect the pair, but they are so stable that it's nearly unheard of.

      Other than that, they still need the basic pampering and powdering... oil, grease, adjustments, maintenance... they just make it a bit easier to do it.
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        Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

        This chassis is pretty much two chassis in one. True there are areas that are communal such as power in and a common circuit breaker, but so far I have had no problems. Each machine has its own inputs to the chassis and it is pretty well cushioned and mounted solidly. I have to admit that I was sceptical of a dual chassis but Bill Tutin at Creative Tech does a lot of design work for AMF and told me that this is a solid system. Like I said I have had them up since October and nary a problem. Hmmmmmm leads me to the motors I was told would leak like a sieve too, not a drop or wayward oil anywhere. I truly believe AMF did their homework here.
        If your center can afford the upgrade I highly recomend it. All new wiring, motors and chassis and new motor mounts, new cam switches and wiring as well as new bin switch wiring and o/r switch wiring and all is interfaced with your scoring system. The installation guys are not afraid of answering questions or instructing and pointing out problem areas in the machines for us either. That I really like.


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          Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

          very good system
          if one mc goes down 'fault' it wont affect the other, only if the chassis goes down,
          but then a centre that i worked in 24 lanes, had a spare chassis, but in the 3 years since they open , not one chassis fault, they never had to pull one off. so i think there ok,


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            Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

            hello [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] heat I work with machine 82 70 and now 82 90 an the 82 90 is very goog not problem the chasis is one for both lanes but dont have problem it good
            I work for 25 years I install and give service for equipment AMF
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              Re: Qustion on the 82/90s

              Ok if you had to pick one between the 82/90 and the 82/70 XL witch one would you go for?

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