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Cushion Rebuilds


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  • Cushion Rebuilds

    We are fixing to rebulid all of our cushions,
    What are the best parts to use?


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    Re: Cushion Rebuilds


    1. Amf makes the best weldment.

    2. I use all original buna pad and rubber pad.

    3. I cut off the bottom 2 inches of the curtain protection pad. It fots better.

    4. Do not use the shiny cushion facings from anyone. They fracture after a couple years.

    5. I use a standard PVC facing with all the rivets except the 2 top outer rivets and the 2 middle rivets. I then use a used vantage carpet cut with only those holes. I have only had 2 or 3 rivets break in 5 years this way. Also eliminates marking.

    6. I use Amf urethane rivets in the holes that are showing. You can use rubber ones underneath since my facing eliminates wear.

    7. There might be better rivets. I think the facing I use underneath are Vantage. I had a problem with Vantage weldments getting balls underneath a few years ago. Maybe Chaddie has improved on the engineering

    8. I use 3/4 head bolts from Mod 5 seating on the cushion shock to secure it. I also use these bolts on the rocker arm mount for the shock where the ss switch is. I use nylock nuts on the back. Havent had one fall out during a full house yet and no apparent wear on the weldement.



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      Re: Cushion Rebuilds


      Sounds like a good setup, but I got 32 cushions and I got no helpers so I've been slowly replacing the cushions with the total cushion from vantage when the old stuff wears out.

      I haven't had any split on me yet but now that I'm talking about it things will probably start going bad. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]



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        Re: Cushion Rebuilds

        I use to pull service at a small house with all Total Cushions.

        They use to break weldments frequently.

        In my opinion the multilayer genuine design absorbs more impact and handles it better then the single layer design.



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          Re: Cushion Rebuilds

          Vantage 1 piece cushion using standard urethane rivets.
          Zots 'Torsion Bar Kit' to lessen weldment brakes.


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            Re: Cushion Rebuilds

            Good, heavy, solid-oak planks

            AMF solid rubber pad & foam facing

            Vantage "Super Rivets"

            Facing made from punched carpet belt (NEVER wears out)

            Grade-8 steel bolts & Nylok nuts
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              Re: Cushion Rebuilds

              Don't forget the spacer on the shock side between the plank and the weldment! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]

              Charlie [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
              Please buy MADE IN USA!


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                Re: Cushion Rebuilds

                Quality Cushion Welds
                AMF 090-Cushion Facings
                AMF/Quality Buna Rubber Pads (not Urethane deals)
                AMF Blue Cushion Rivets
                AMF/Quality Planks


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                  Re: Cushion Rebuilds

                  The Vantage Total cushions break apart where the bolts go through. I use the super cusion that uses the rivets. They seem to last forever and I haven't had a plank or weldment break since I started using them.
                  Give me a hammer and some duct tape and I can fix it!


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                    Re: Cushion Rebuilds

                    82/70 King is right on the nut about 1-piece pads, especially in high-lineage houses. The sponge pad is crucial in absorbing energy.

                    Vantage tubeweldments look nice, but they all break prematurely at the common side arm. They admitted having a problem with overheating the steel in the welding process, but it still happens. The problem is in the design of the arms: the common side arm is not "twisted" to accommodate the angle of the plank, caused by the ball door side arm being offset rearward. When the plank is bolted down, the common arm immediately is force-twisted, a definite strain.
                    Quality tubeweldments, with the additional reinforcing piece welded on to the ball door side arm, hold up pretty well, but the newer ones are made sightly differently and have a sharp corner that damages the pins. You need to gring that down a little.
                    Track Record:
                    -Never broke a Stahl's tubeweldment; been using them for 8 years.
                    -Wood planks don't last anymore. Stahl's "Green Board" plastic plank has been on test by us for three years: so far, no warpage or distortion, and it absorbs additional energy.
                    -I am using Vantage's original number urtehane pad instead of buna rubber. No cracking of the lower holes, and no facing needed. They last a long time but occassionally we get a reactive ball "sticking" to it at the ball door side. A facing can be added to prevent this.
                    -AMF unfortunately does not make the original nylon-on-rubber curtain (it was the best). We now use the one made by A-1, sold by Stahl. Excellent &amp; easy to clean.
                    -Vantage urethane rivets. Watch for a new design rivet for those using the Vantage or Murrey urethane pad with ne facing. It has a smaller diameter and thinner head that will fit right into the cupped depression of the pad, leaving a flush surface. I've made the suggestion and given the specs to one of our manufacturer/suppliers. I am currently making my own out of Vantage urethane rivets.


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                      Re: Cushion Rebuilds

                      Watch for a new design rivet for those using the Vantage or Murrey urethane pad with ne facing. It has a smaller diameter and thinner head that will fit right into the cupped depression of the pad, leaving a flush surface.
                      <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Speak of the devil. I had just pulled a cushion and found a Rubber pad just like that. It was green but it did not have the lower rivit holes. I wondered who makes it. Any gueses?

                      Anywho... I love the Vantage urethane universal cushion block. Had one on at my old center and its still there. So i put one on at my center. Still holding strong. So...Urethane block, Vantage curtin, Any rubber pad, any sponge, Vantage facing, AMF Loop Odd or even and finally the AMF velcro facing. For weldments I get whatever comes to me.. ITs all the same.

                      Well thats just like your opinion man...


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