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  • Synthetic Pins

    My centre is contemplating on getting a set of synthetic pins. We are leaning towards the Lane Dynamics pin. Is anyone currently using or had synthetic pins, what is their pin reaction like, what is their life span, and how do thay compare to the original plastic coated wood pin?

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    Re: Synthetic Pins

    Scruff stay away from synthetic pins, I know 2
    centers who put them in and are no longer using them, one of the centers is owned by a distributor of that brand of pin and he still pulled them, so what does that tell ya!


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      Re: Synthetic Pins


      If you want higher scores buy the ones Shot has......they have a rope around them....LOL

      Just kidding Shot!



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        Re: Synthetic Pins

        Stay away from Synthetic pins. They sound funny and they generally don't carry as well. I know a center that tried twisters and pulled them after on day. They flew too high, causing some strange leaves. I would stick the wood pins if I were you.
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          Re: Synthetic Pins

          Scruff, I have beeb using the twister for two seasons. I have always used amflites up to that point. Plus side the pin is very durable. I will get 3 seasons out of this pin without rotation. Minus side, the pin picks up dirt, scoring does suffer a little, machine problems with AMF pinsetters. They are not the junk that alot of guys make them out to be but if I had it to do over again I don't think I would have used them.



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            Re: Synthetic Pins

            We had a couple lanes of Twisters in...for about a day and a half. I hated them, both as a bowler, and as a mechanic.

            From the front; the pin carry sucks, lots of weird splits, and when hit, they have a sound akin to tossing a cinderblock into a box of Waterford crystal dishware...or an entire rack of busted wood.

            From the back; The coat is slippery and causes more jams, they sound even worse from the back when hit, they cause a lot of OOR's because they slide more instead of falling over (smooth, square bases), and they're also smooth and slippery enough to cause more hangs and 'rollers' in the pit.

            Bottom line, I think they suck. Don't get the wrong idea... if they could do something about the sound and action of them, I don't doubt I'd probably like them, but as they are, I couldn't be bothered. Give me Amflites any day.
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              Re: Synthetic Pins

              Thanks for the info guy's. It has given us a better perspective on what to go with. After seeing the results you guy's came up with it is not looking promising. I think we may steer clear. Thanks for the input.



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                Re: Synthetic Pins

                I finally got my hands on some synthetic pins at Bowl-Expo last week. They really sound funny when you crack two of 'em together.


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