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MP Chassis (Power Down)


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  • MP Chassis (Power Down)

    I have an MP chassis that will slip into power down. When I Program Zero it usually will come out.

    I thought that maybe the #2 side of PZ or PBZ was grounding somewhere. So I traced those circuits.

    PZ P2 247-22 to the MP Board
    PBZ C2A 212 EE to P2 232-7 to the MP Board
    The wires were not grounding.
    The side of the switches that go to ground did in their correct places.

    Ironically enough while I'm playing with this a friend of mine dropped off an MP Chassis that has the same problem except his Chassis will not come out of Power Down with manual intervention at all.

    His Chassis the logic can be overridden with the T and S switches on the side of the chassis. With Table and Sweep at 0, Pit light on, BE motor off, (no manual intervention will bring this chassis to life.

    It seems that these chassis are having similar problems although mine will program zero but not always and not right away. (I feel my chassis has a loose wire somewhere I just have't found it yet)

    My friend decided to change terminal boards on a combo motor so he cycled the machine and while the sweep was at first guard position he turned off the Master breaker. That is all I know about his.
    The problem is isolated to the MP chassis with any MP board.
    The obvious has been checked; can someone take me further along to solve this problem. I feel that I'll find a loose wire in my chassis tonight.

    I cleaned MP sockets P1 and P2 really well. ? what type of pin extractor do I need for those pins.

    Any help will be apreciated. Especially how Manual Intervention (Program Zero) works after it leaves the MP board.
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    Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

    I have seen MP chassis and boards act goofy until I put in the Creative Tech/Zot boards with all the LED's in them.

    I had chassis that would not run under any combo of the gennie boards.....put in a CT problem.



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      Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

      I agree with king on this one. (Seesh i must be tired then hehe just kidding king [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img] ) When i worked on Mp's every once and a while some bad data would cause the chassis to do some funky things. We just took them out, blew them off, threw them on the bench for about a week and then tested them in a month or so.

      As for a solution for your problem...there really isnt a way to clear that bad data unless you want to short out the board. But I have to agree that those boards from CT are good but a bit pricey. IF u got the cash invest in a few.

      Good Luck
      Deadwood [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
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        Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

        Last night I put new C1 & C2A plugs on my chassis.

        Found a cell in the C2A that was cracked almost all the way through on the inside. The damage wasn't visible from either side while the pins were still in the plug.

        My chassis is fine now. I'll be able have time this weekend to look at his.

        As far as the Creative Tech boards go, they are nice if you use all the features and I did try a CT board in the other chassis.

        Creative Tech is here in Phoenix; I haven't been over to see them since they were bought by Paul Lane. I'm sure Bill can explain the MP more to me.
        Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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          Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)


          Is it possible the MP is losing power for a quick second causing the manual intervention? Faulty line in pins on the C1 maybe?

          Aside from that, I know the Mark V 9850 boards have caused me greif in the past when they get overheated.
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            Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

            The C/T (LED) boards power off the BE motor if someone doesn't bowl for a period of time I believe....also they do not turn the BE motor on until someone cycles the machine if my memory is correct.



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              Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

              C-T boards are a pain in the A**. They WAY over engineered those things and have a tendency to go into "la la" land with out warning! The worse are those "XOP" boards that AMF was pushing a while back. Mark 5's are far more reliable in my opinion (as long as you keep pin chasers from messing with them). C-T sold out to (I think) ZOT. Not sure on that one....just my 2 cents worth! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/usflag.jpg[/img]
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                Re: MP Chassis (Power Down)

                I finally had time to finish my friends Chassis.

                His T3 transformer was bad not alowing the Chassis to program zero.

                Thought you'd like to know.
                Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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