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  • Double Shuttle

    I have a problem I need your help on. I have 82-70's and when 20 pins are in the bin and the shuttle operates it will double shuttle the 2 and 4 pins. I have moved the shuttle rearward and it hasn't helped. the shuttle has been lowered and the cups almost touch the shuttle when the table goes up to it's highest point. I also have shuttle straps on the 2,4,5,7,8,9 and 10 pin spots. Also, when rebuilding the shuttle rod assembly, is there anything I need to be on the look out for?


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    Re: Double Shuttle

    Take the pinholders off the offending positions and drill new holes using another pinholder as a template......the engineering on shuttles is terrible if you stand overhead and observe the position of the pin bottoms in relation to the pinholders.

    Drill you holes so those pinholders sit more toward the rear of the machine. You wont need a hole for the bolt toward the foul line. Make so that that bols just goes ouside the metal on a genuine AMF pinholder.




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      Re: Double Shuttle

      Infact just out a Vantage twin pin holder on. We have this problem on a few cry babies..Fortunatly ive been able to re-adj and re-position our shuttles and the problems have gone away. Some of our ****tles were so bad that they were aobut 1/4 " off to the right. Boy oh Boy. I never found binstraps to be a needed part on the shuttle. I would check to see if u have worn pin holders. A tad bit of wear could let a pin sneek by. ALso..ive noticed if u drop the shuttle too low when the table moves up to 0 to recieve the pins the shuttled pin will hold that shuttle forward for a half a second where the pin on top will fall through. SO check that as well..

      Good Luck
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        Re: Double Shuttle

        Did you lower the shuttle just by lengthening the 2 rods in the back? If you did you might want to try lowering the front of the shuttle too. To do that, you have to flip the brackets around that hold the shuttle in the front, then you have to shim up the front of the shuttle b/c flipping the brackets over drops it too low. Worked on all of our 70's so far! Good Luck!

        Mr. C.
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          Re: Double Shuttle

          WATCH OUT for the newer shuttle rods from AMF. Some engineering wix thought it would be a great idea to put a long set screw into the hole where you normally put something to hold the rod and tube together while unscrewing it. This set screw could be turned until it enters the tube hole, and that would hold it while you turn the long tube. After assembly, the set screw must screwed back in and clear the main tube so it doesn't interfere with the safety action of the assembly. BUT: a) some forget to do this, even at the factory b)the screw backs out on its own c) the screw doesn't get turned in quite far enough.
          All of which result in a locked rod which won't collapse in a jam.
          If you buy any of these rods, take the set screw out and discard it. If you get any complete assemblies, disassemble them and remove the set screw.


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            Re: Double Shuttle

            Hi Terry,

            Nearly every time I have had this happen I fought with it and fought with it. In the end I cahge the stringers on the bin and the problem goes away. For between 12 and 18 dollars it is worth it to replace the stringers on the effected pins. This seems to happen on the 2, 3, and 4 pins.

            Best of luck
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              Re: Double Shuttle

              Well I'm sure your shuttle tubes 070 006 255 and 257 are straight, not bent from PIT's, and the screws 808 549 240 that keep the holder 6 265 on them are tight.

              If they might have gotten bent &/or loose, straps 6 268 are used to keep this from happening...

              Just my wooden nickel's worth,


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