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  • table wiring

    Is there any solution for the returning problem of broken table connector wiring? Last month two machines had problems with the gripper protection signal because of the broken wiring in the connector. A very time consuming and unpleasant job to reconnect, but needed for the protection and pin detection in off-line mode. How does the protection work on 90xl machines which, I've read, has no table wiring?

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    Re: table wiring

    Gripper protection isn't needed if you stay on top of the PM of your machines. I've had mine off for 5 years now without a single problem.



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      Re: table wiring

      Pindecked: You can pull all as ours were when i got in the center. Jumped in the wireway and etc.. Only thing is that every time you cycle either from the desk or ball return after your 6 o'clock will get phantom racks because you no longer have a backup. Now it has to read from the camera every time.

      Well thats just like your opinion man...


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        Re: table wiring

        I also ripped out my table wiring a few years back. No problems running without GPS. Depending on your scoring, you can remove the respot wiring too. You didn't say what scoring you have, but if it's AMF and you have MP's or MP wannabe's you can eliminate all table wiring.
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          Re: table wiring

          The GPS switch is no longer needed. They were use with the older finger which damaged easily. The newer finger is more flexable. Just jump the wire in the front wire way. If the cell are adjusted proberly then there useless


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            Re: table wiring

            We have 82-70 machines with some 82-90 adjustments.. they're from 1991... I don't kwow the name of the chassis but they have AMF as brand name and have lcd displays. Don't blame me.. I'm fixing the bigger malfunctions only for 6 months.
            I don't really like the suggestion to romove te gripper protection, could be usefull to prevent crooked grippers and stops the machine directly when a pin is stucked in the table.
            When I ground one of my gripper wires, it is possible to create an phantom pin? so, the machine will never give a strike cycle when it works in offline-mode. In that case, no table wiring for the grippers is needed?


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              Re: table wiring

              I (as usual) disagree with removing the GP switch wires. I don't care how supposedly "resilient" the new-style fingers are... if that table drops over pins with the fingers closed, you stand a pretty good chance of having a couple fingers ending up looking like hockey sticks.

              For the extra 10 minutes per machine it took me to drop 2 wires down to the table to reconnect it without using a table cable, it's worth it.

              Pindecker: as for your 'phantom pin', yes... if you ground a cell wire, you can force the machine to run a first-ball cycle with no standing pins (which will also completely inhibit the strike cycle). For us, that's why I took the table cables off... even though our chassis / scoring doesn't need the cell wires (scoring board holds the #1 circuit closed in the chassis) to detect if a pin is standing or not, a grounded wire will override the camera/scoring signals, and stop the machine from running a strike cycle... which is a pain if one comes loose and grounds out in the middle of a league.

              Cell wires... bad. GP switch...good.
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                Re: table wiring

                remove the GP's put the two thick yellow wires together. since 1981, haven't missed them yet


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                  Re: table wiring

                  We still have our GPS's hooked up, I'm with GMan here just don't like the idea of them not being there. We still have the table cables hooked up as well, not really needed as we have expanders but as of now they're still in. Kind of a pain but we try and keep up on em so it's not too bad. Personally I'd like to do away with em but even so the GPS's will stay.

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                    Re: table wiring

                    Hey guys, lets show a little respect for the GPS


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                      Re: table wiring

                      Did away with GPS switches years ago. Also, I run all my respot wires towards the rear of machine. All wires go into clear vinyl tubing up to wireway. Did away with table plug a pain in the butt. All wires go from cell to board in wireway.
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                        Re: table wiring

                        Good idea David. That's the first plan I had. Then I removed the GPS's on a few as a test, had no problems. That was a year before scoring. At scoring installation, I realized that with all the cycle features we had by interfacing Accuscore with 82/70 (Omega-Tek Expander), there would NEVER be an instance where the table could possibly left at zero with the grippers closed, except if the table were jarred by flying pins. In that rare case, the fingers usually just close a little. You'd have to manually switch the machine to first ball after reversing the sweep after an out-of-range to create the problem.


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