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  • JCP

    Hey have any of you worked with JCP? Do they have a web site? Do they sell Vantage parts AMF or their own?

    Just asking.

    This is a great site and thanks for all the help! It is nice to work at a small center part time, it is like getting paid to do my hobby. I am going to rip apart that pit next week when I am on vacation from my other job!

    I have a lot of respect for all you full timers.

    The pace here in the country is nice

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    Re: JCP

    Pat: I hope you put a new bearing support in that pit. If the shaft keeps rubbing, it won't take long for it to be cut through.
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      Re: JCP

      That is the plan. The short end of the shaft is the one that is being forced on the side of the machine. Bu we have the welder ready! Should be fun. the pits are kind of fun to work on once they are out completely and you have some room. Thanks for the advise.



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        Re: JCP

        I buy parts from a lot of places, depending on price, quality, and features... I've never had trouble with JCP's service, or thier people. Some of their parts I don't care for, but it's a matter of personal preference more than any kind of problems with them.

        Here's a short list of examples:

        spotting cups, respot cells, ball lift track covers, some belts, most metal parts, some electrical parts like relays, A-B contactor parts, and National motor cent. switches.

        Vibe dampeners, dist. belts, kicker wheels, Ball return/shurpik belts, electrical parts, clutch parts, u-joints, pit carpets.

        Chassis rebuilds, Omega boards, some "tuffy" parts.

        Local (Grainger, etc)
        shurpik motors/blowers, electrical wire & connectors, AMP terminals/ term. blocks, bulbs, IR units
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          Re: JCP

          JCP=Junk and Crappy Parts....sorry but thats my opinion.Their parts just dont see to match or line-up correctly.Example:Bought a trip lever from them--none of my shafts would go though it....had to grind down brass bushings on trip lever.....Another example...on their index levers they only put a little tack-weld underneath where as AMF puts a solid weld all the way around underneath.This was years ago so I don't know how they are now,hopefully they have changed.Unless your going to save lot of money...go with AMF.Thats my opinion anyway.


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            Re: JCP

            I agree... JCP started out as a company that purchased machines, stripped them down, and then parted them out at a pretty good savings, if you didn't mind slightly used parts. Most of what we got from them then were heavy iron parts like cushion weldments and such... not much to go wrong with them.

            They started getting into machining their own parts, and a lot of them were pretty bad, and we stopped buying from them. I gave them another shot a while back, and I was very happy to find that their parts are as good, or better, than the OEM ones, and they are a good bit cheaper on some things than AMF, Vantage, and others. I can't say I would make them my total supplier (as seen above) , but we save a pretty good buck with the parts we get from them.
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              Re: JCP

              i have been happy with what i have had
              i don't need mods, i am a bloody genius


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