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brand new gates surepik belt


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  • brand new gates surepik belt

    any guys out there had trouble with the black gates surepik belt with the notched v belt.

    i am onto my second one now, the notched section just keeps disintegrating over a short period, first time it was with the spare belt which could have been anywhere, this time its from a new belt i purchased from amf no longer than 2 months ago.

    anyone got an answer for me ????
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    Re: brand new gates surepik belt

    They the smooth black belts?? If it is, we had some trouble with them too. Black poo everywhere. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif[/img]


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      Re: brand new gates surepik belt

      The uprails are probably bent....this causes misalignment with the lower pulley and upper links.

      Do a visual from above and see if the lower pulley is sitting square in the return assy.

      I had a 1 belt lose part of the v.

      I took the belt, changed the direction it was turning and put it on another machine.

      It has been going strong for a year or more.



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        Re: brand new gates surepik belt

        I have a couple of those gates belts... we never had a problem with them disintegrating, but I did have a problem with them:

        On certain shur-piks, the belt will run just fine, but it howls like a banshee. It's a pretty disconcerting thing to turn on a shur-pik, and have it start sounding like someone is being stabbed to death in it. No matter what I did to it (sanding the pulleys, realigning everything, etc...) would stop the squeal. The only band-aid I found to shut it up until I could pull the belt and replace it was to put some baby powder or ez-slide on the back of the belt.

        I reinstalled the 'squealer' on another machine to try it, and it's been quiet as a church mouse for months now. And the machine I took it off of hasn't made a peep since I put a Vantage blue belt on it.

        I dunno... this happened twice, on two different 'piks... still haven't come up with an answer as to why. We wrote it off as our two house gremlins (phrycc and phrakk) playing a prank on us...
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          Re: brand new gates surepik belt

          We had them, too. Same problem as with the back end ball lift belts with the notched V-guide, but more so. If you like the surface of the belt and don't want the notches, order the Quality/Gates aftermarket version from your local distributor, if it's still available.


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