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  • motor

    hi everyone
    i'm new here and i'm french so i hope you will understand what i'm trying to say. my problem is when the table go down there's something that make the motor overheat, any suggestion??

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    Re: motor

    You did not specify the type of machine, but your possible problems may include, a bad motor such as windings or carbon brushes, a bad gearbox, low on oil or a bent shaft in it. A bad table drive shaft causing binding and adding pressure to the motor. If you will add a little more information I'm sure you will get all the answers you need. Good Luck.
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      Re: motor

      yeah Trizac , if possible could you be a little more specific on what its doing like does it overheat after a while, what machines do you have ? does the motor or any part thereof appear to bind when the table runs etc?

      p.s. hey gw407 where you are from ... Kissimmee... is that a real place in the U.S ??
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        Re: motor

        Originally posted by Pin_Head:
        p.s. hey gw407 where you are from ... Kissimmee... is that a real place in the U.S ??
        <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Yes Pin_Head, Kissimmee is a city in the state of Florida in the U.S. If you have ever heard of Disney World, it is right next to that.

        As for the motor overheating, it could be a bad start switch or Centrifigul Mechanism. If the motor hesitates to start for a second or 2 it can cause a build up of heat. Or, as was said, it could be a binding gear in the gearbox or low oil level.

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