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Dist jam on 3 pin


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  • Dist jam on 3 pin

    Bowltech forum,

    Yes, Im a young little lad new to this site. We have a dist. (lane 7) that jams up on the 3 where else. Sometimes its 2-4 times a night, sometimes I go three to four night shifts with no calls on it. I've cleaned the bins, cups, pins, pin wheel. Im leaning more towards the shuttle tension spring or just changing out distributors. But before i get crazy I was wondering if you "smart" people had any ideas to try to get it to STOP jamming. I have men's state tourny starting in 1 week and I would like to get it fixed. I'm by no means a beginner at AMF but I dont know alot of the advanced terms. So easy with the words. I've been a mech for about 5 years and I have never seen this problem. Any help would be great!

    Kris Schumacher
    316 461 5598

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    Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

    Probably what is happening is the head of the pin is laying across into the 5 pin bin......if when the 5 pin is delivered it does not knock it into the correct position, the next 3 pin delivered creates a jam......

    To correct bend the small guides bolted to the 5 pin butt guide out so the 3 pin has no chance to lay across into the 5 pin slot.



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      Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

      Kris ol' matey-
      How good to see you've made it to Bowl Tech!
      Jerry is about right-on. Gotta be in the bin assy. Maybe a shock mount is twisted or cracked or a butt guide is cracked, or a pin holder on the shuttle is worn or gooey. In any case, the pins bounce wrong when they fall in.
      Good luck in school,
      Chad, the red-haired screwball in the gutter.


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        Re: Dist jam on 3 pin


        Good to hear from you as well...Thanks for the info...Do you agre with Jerry that it is in the 5pin bin, or could be a different pin in your opinion? I will check the 5 pin more closley cause now it all makes sense, I just needed a different set of eyes to help me out....Thanks again, ever want to get ahold of me, give me a call 316-461-5598....I'll prolly get a bunch of prank calls now.....oh well!
        Kris Schumacher
        316 461 5598


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          Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

          I thought you got out of the gutter! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
          if things aren't going right just use a bigger hammer! DIRT


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            Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

            Naw, still buried nose-deep in it.
            Those splinters hurt. Ouch!


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              Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

              amf doctor, I clicked the link and got nothing. Are you Don, or did you get the idea from Don?
              Or do you not know who I am talking about ?
              A well respected amf mechanic told me about that idea for the extended bins and I tried it but could not get a picture in my head on what it should look like .


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                Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

                Most likely as said the 3 is sitting in there cocked on a double feed, check all stuff mentioned above, if it persists you could always move the dist over some, but be careful and watch the double feeds on all other pins when ya move over a dist.
                All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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                  Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

                  If your dist is doing what king has stated then your dist needs to be pitched up a tad bit. When the head pin loads into the bin...does it look like a flopping duck? If so, forget that bending and pitch up the dist. 2 or 3 uni-washers will do the trick ontop of the OEM spacers on the suicide bar. (On the dist mount bar not the suicide bar itself.) Also check if the dist is not to far to the 2 pin at the head pin position. You can adjust the left to right position by turning the saftey link rod. Just break those 9/16 jam nuts.

                  Although that last suggestion is kinda weak because it will be obvious if the dist is off position, but I have seen many a machine like that. I would pitch that dist up first and see if that does the trick. Over time with table jams and such those stringers get f'd up along with the bin.

                  Hope this helped...GL

                  Well thats just like your opinion man...


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                    Re: Dist jam on 3 pin

                    I finally caught the # 2 pin problem that started last Sunday. The top #2 pin was standing up during the shuttle. The chasers were listing it as a bad feed to the #2 area. Everything looked fine. I sat on the mach. during the AM league and it acted up after only a few frames.
                    The side pin guides needed to be opened up a little. It ran all afternoon without any stops. Hope this helps.
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