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Distributor Hesitation


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  • Distributor Hesitation

    we have been having problems with the distributor hesitating from the 2pin to the 4 pin, i will stop very briefly in between the 2 and then swing back to where it should be. we cant seem to figure it out either. this will often cause pins to load into a pocket, usually the 4 pin, twice, causeing a pileup if there is already 1 pin there.

    we have tried this distributor in another machine and the problem followed. we tried a completely different belt and lacing with no luck at all. we even did the zip tie on the spring with no luck. anything else we should try out?

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    Re: Distributor Hesitation

    the clutch might need to be cleaned/lubricated and/or need more clutch tension (by turning the spring on it a little more (1/4 turn or so).

    also check the eccentric rollers on the carriage tube, they might be too tight, causing a bind.


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      Re: Distributor Hesitation

      the clutches i believe are adjusted and cleaned weekly by the head mech. not sure what you are talking about when you say eccentric rollers on the carriage tube. please explain.


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        Re: Distributor Hesitation

        The carrage tube is the part that slides in and out to make the distributor longer or shorter, the rollers are simply the white rollers the assemble rides in.These are adjustable, if they are too tight it put pressure on the indexing cam and the clutch may not have the tention necessary to index smoothly. The tube it selfmay have a rough spot on it or even bent. If the rollers are adjusted too loose the distributor may try to double index after the 5 pin to the 6 pin postions.


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          Re: Distributor Hesitation

          easy slide the underside of the distributor belt, & increase clutch tension. as the dist retracts, the weight of the pin draggin on the rear belt runner causes dist to stall.


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            Re: Distributor Hesitation


            I think Masternut is Right On.

            Also, You might want to check the cam followers on the Index Cam They may be catching on the Index Cam. It may need shimed out some with a washer behind it to give The followers more clearence.
            I would check the belt length also. Make sure it's at least 117" long [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]

            Good Luck!! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]


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              Re: Distributor Hesitation

              If the above mentioned things don't work, take a look at the 3 plastic pully's, if a lot of dirt gets between the bearings and the weldments/brackets they run baaaad and so does your dizzy.

              So it goes.


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                Re: Distributor Hesitation

                Today I found a new cause of a yanking 2 and hesitating 4 pin positioning; the rod end(female 6066)on the safety link was to old..well you know what happens with old females...way too much room!
                This is a serious posting!
                Don't laugh, we have some female mechanics on board.


                Another reason might be the distributor touching the bin....
                So it goes.


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                  Re: Distributor Hesitation

                  LOL, Lampie!

                  Here in the states, we refer to that as,

                  "Throwing a hot dog down the hallway"


                  "Tie a 2 x 4 across your @$$ so you don't fall in..."




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                    Re: Distributor Hesitation

                    sorry for the belated reply, havent had a chance to get back to the forums.

                    The above suggestions have already been tried with the exception of lampie and coors. i dont work tomorrow but i will be stopping in. we have also replaced the pinion gear and the clutch pads to no avail.


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                      Re: Distributor Hesitation

                      dist. moving slow from 2 to 4 spot. some belts have a stiff backing and cause this hesitation. Quality has a rough top belt with a very flexible backing that is excellant. this will probably solve the problem. Uncle Phil


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