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Motors getting hot


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  • Motors getting hot

    What causes motors to get hot?. I blew them out replaced the contacts and still they are getting hot.

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    Re: Motors getting hot

    Check those capacitors out for them. If they're bad or going that could do it.
    All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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      Re: Motors getting hot

      Oil level low.

      Gearbox bad.



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        Re: Motors getting hot

        Spankey, Check out the voltage and amp draw. Any motor will run hotter if the voltage or amp draw are not up to specks.
        Once a month I take a walk down he catwalks and feel the temp of the motors. If it find a hot one, I check it for connections. (plus caps. and oil)
        P.S. Never walk across the catwalks. I meant, get off each machine and climb up the next mach.. (Guess who I work for?)
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          Re: Motors getting hot

          Originally posted by amfpinboy:
          P.S. Never walk across the catwalks. I meant, get off each machine and climb up the next mach.. (Guess who I work for?)
          <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">AMF can kiss my sweet, white, american arse... My knees and back won't tolerate that climb-up/climb-down crap anymore. I have 8 feet of clearance from the top of the catwalks to the ceiling, and I plan on walking across 'em... if I happen to stick my foot in a ball lift on my way through, it's my own fault.

          I removed all those stupid wire mesh guards a long time ago, too... they get in the way, and make it take longer to do my job... AND they're easier to trip over than the top of the ball lift is. Again, if in 13 years I haven't figured out where NOT to stick my hands, feet, or any other part when the machine is running, I don't belong in the back... and no one else is allowed back there or anywhere near the machines until I've drilled the hazardous areas and proper safety procedures into their heads.
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            Re: Motors getting hot

            It’s funny…well..kind of. Walking across the cat walk on an AMF machine on your hands stark naked [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif[/img] wearing a blind fold is ten times safer then walking across the cat walk of a “B” machine from end to end with the assiduousness of a cat.


            Charlie [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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              Re: Motors getting hot

              if your on lane you have to get down and back up to go to lane 3?


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                Re: Motors getting hot

                however i can see the comon sense in it for idiots like me. once i was replacing a bin/shuttle assy, so me and the night mech walked across the catwalks til we got to the room, well night mech lost balance, forced a pin thru the shuttles when he stepped on it with his foot. luckily he didnt get hurt. but stupid us, do we get sdown?? nooooooo, we carry it the remaining 10 lanes til we reach the door, then got down


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