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Westinghouse gearbox


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  • Westinghouse gearbox

    Hi all I went to work today and I found out that someone gave me a hand. I had a gear box on the bench marked which bearing I need to get out. Well we are a small house and someone decided to take out the bearings. He did a good job and laid out all the parts in random order and could not find the right bearings for this. Now I have a summer puzzle to take care of.

    I have the bearings and can find what I need there. But what I do not have is a diagram to put the pieces back together. Where can I get a diagram of a Westinghouse gearbox? The bearings are on the main shaft that I need to change. I just need to see the order of a few pieces to get this together.

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    Re: Westinghouse gearbox

    Pat, email me a fax number and I will send you a schematic tomorrow. Backend or combo?
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      Re: Westinghouse gearbox

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        Re: Westinghouse gearbox

        hey guys I forgot to mention, this is a combination gearbox


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          Re: Westinghouse gearbox

          Hey guys,

          I got the gear box together and repaced the bearings on the main shaft. The gerbox is still making the same noise. I have it narrowed down I think. OK the large bronze gear is the culprit I think.

          Here is what I did, I got it together and on the bench it turnes really smooth. Under power it has the same grinding I have been trying to get rid of. I then took it to the bench again and too it apart in sections. When I leave the closed side on, I do not have a book with me sorry, that has the shaft with the bigger gear it still grinds. I tried all other combinations I could think of and it is operating smooth.

          The gear does not look very warn but then I am not sure, Also how could I change this? Do I need to take the shaft toa machine shop and have the beariong and the gear pressed off? Thanks for the help.



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            Re: Westinghouse gearbox

            You say you've replaced bearings and the noise remains. Well, what's next...
            1. Of course it's best to keep all shimming identical to what it was when it was taken apart, so make sure that's the case. That seems probable because you say it turns really smooth by hand but makes noise a load is put on it. This is typical of a wheel gear shaft that is allowed a little too much shim. It floats around enough to make noise, but not enough to jam the worm gear.
            2. The above is for a sporadic or constant noise. If noise comes and goes in a rythm, the likely culprit is a bent worm shaft. You're not going to fix that yourself unless you've got some V blocks and a dial micrometer, and a way to lever the middle of the shaft.
            3. Another source of constant noise is wear on the wheel shaft splines and/or the helical gears where they meet eachother.

            It's difficult to diagnose the noise without hearing it.
            You might benefit from a stethoscope from the auto parts store to figure out exactly which part of the gearbox is making noise.

            Good luck to you,


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              Re: Westinghouse gearbox

              rereading your initial post, I recognize another possibility. The bearing that goes on the worm shaft just below the top gearbox seal is a rubber-sealed bearing, isn't it?
              A common "oops" is to put the open bearing of the same dimension in that position.


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