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sweep slide with SSSS


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  • sweep slide with SSSS

    Have just got a new solid state start switch made by cybernetic solutions. Wired up the switch to the westinghouse combination sweep motor and it ran fine, but no sweep reverse. Followed the instructions given to gain sweep reverse if lost.
    Used the - MP chassis upgraded from SS, wiring modification. (sweep capactor connects into c1 plug, SW reverse and wire from C1 join in common strip).

    When cycled the sweep will travel through and come to stop at gaurd, return to zero, but then slide all the way down to gaurd and beyond, cycling the machine. No sweep braking occurs at zero degrees.

    Have 82-70 ss with omega tek and expander. 110 volt machine though. Things I have done today to try and solve this problem. Changed sweep capacitors and replaced suspect pins in the C1 plug.
    Sweep runs fine and stops at zero degrees WITHOUT the sweep reverse modification, but once the re-wiring in the front wireway occurs, the sweep wont brake at gaurd, and will slide badly.
    Does anybody have any experiance of this happening? What things should I check? am I using the correct wiring for sweep reverse with my expander board?


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    Re: sweep slide with SSSS

    1. Take SSSS and throw out back door as far as humanly possible.

    2. Purchase and install relay from Stahl's and remove centrifugal switch....relays require no rewiring.

    3. Purchase 6 box on way home and be happy.



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      Re: sweep slide with SSSS

      Have taken step 3. as suggested, but still no further forward. Apart from being a little happier!

      Thing is, trying to show to my head tech that this SSSS is a worth while investment!! But unfortuntely cant get the switch to operate properly with my expander boards! Have now placed switch onto lane which just has plain old omega-tek board and no expander, and it works perfect.( with modified sweep reverse applications, as shown on CS web site).

      Need to prove to boss that this is a worthy application. Does anybody have the wiring diagrams for this SSSS with Omega-tek board plus expander?? Surely DUTCH must have some inclination? if ur still out there?
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        Re: sweep slide with SSSS

        Alastair, go to the Cybernetics Solutions website and they will be able to help you.

        I too perfer the Stahl's electric motor start relays. They are trouble free for a long time.
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          Re: sweep slide with SSSS

          Been to web site, but no help for using expander boards!

          Whats the difference, advantage/disadvantage of using start relays over SSSS?

          Does nobody out there have 110v machines with SSSS and omega-tek expanders in them?
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            Re: sweep slide with SSSS

            What happened to AMF's orange SSSS?
            <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">They're still around, we use them where I work.
            All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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              Re: sweep slide with SSSS

              Although I have not cut one open, I am asuming that the relays are more like a solenoid action for the start winding. (No solid state components)

              Sorry, I have MP's.
              Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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                Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                Thanks for reply!

                I no that im missing a connection somewhere in wire way for sweep braking. Just want to know where it is and what i should do to solve this! This product has only been availale on the uk market for 3 to 4 weeks through one of our suppliers. Am upset as cant get it to work with our expander boards, and have no wiring diagrams of 82-70 SS so that I can make amendments!
                Just thought one of U experts might have a clue, as may have been in this situation before.

                Thanks, Al.

                PS. 82-70 King ur the man with the master plan now. Respect!

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                  Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                  You are welcome my loyal subject!




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                    Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                    Four years ago I was the Tech for two centers and I thought of going to the switch from Cybernetic Solutions. They sent me one to try and I never did wire it up.

                    I ended up giving it to a 30's house to try for their motors.

                    The Solid State Start Switch was impressive. The Quality was top notch. I believe that I copied the installation instructions before I gave it away. I will look tomorrow.
                    Pinspotters do not break down when they are not running!


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                      Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                      toss the amf orange starters. use the sthals starters they work wonderful


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                        Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                        Hi Alastair,

                        Just to confirm our recent emails ... we're working on a solution for you. It's taking a little time to figure out because NOBODY here in Australia (that we're aware of) is using the Omega Tek expanders - so we can't test our wiring theories .....

                        Ray Jordan
                        Cybernetic Solutions/tenpintec


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                          Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                          We just installed expander boards today with SS chassis 110V machines. There are a few probs with 2nd ball, one prob with reading a strike. I never thought to see what motor switches are hooked up. Theres a few different ones across the house. Every lane has this black relay hooked up, it's box shaped, I saw these at one other house. What do they do and can this be related? I was told by Qubica today to call Jamie at Stahl's.
                          82-70's SS Chassis Omega-Tek w/expanders
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                            Re: sweep slide with SSSS

                            alastair. try wirin the expander lanes like the regular omega lanes. (red sweep wire to ts 23, blue sweep reverse wire #L133 to common, cap wire #8 to where the red sweep wire went)


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                              Re: sweep slide with SSSS


                              Terminal 1 - wire to TS23
                              Terminal 2 - wire to red from sweep motor cable
                              Terminal 5 - wire to C-1 row 3 #7 FF
                              Terminal 5 - wire to pink from sweep motor cable.

                              I ran a new wire from the C-1 plug to terminal butt connector or solder.

                              I took out the extra switch in the combo motor.

                              I clipped the wires to the switch terminals in the combo motor and broke off the switches.

                              I removed the centrifugal switch...this could be the biggest benefit from ithe conversion....we had a couple stators chewed up from losing cent. switches.


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