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  • 82/90 help please

    I dont work on 70s anymore, but I was asked to troubleshoot, repair, and pull some preventative maintenance on a 2-lane 8290 (70 table casting) installation. The 2-laner gets a lot of use as a testing facility. The only problem is that NO ONE has ever done maintenance or ever cleaned these newer machines. I found some minor stuff such as bin straps that need to be replaced and I plan on replacing front/rear roller brgs., u-joints, and doing an entire lube job on the necessary items. My big problem is on machine #1 where the pins wobble severely when spotted. The manager of the facility sais that this has been happeneing for some time. I checked the spotting rod adjustment per pg. 5.15 in the 70 manual to make sure the cups were pulling away in time, but I found that the table is unlevel from front to back about 1/2 inch while I was doing this. I am thinking the machine frame needs to be raised in the rear. Is this the cause of my problem??? Do I have a possible solution?? What could be another cause of this?? Thank You in advance for any input.

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    Re: 82/90 help please

    The stabilizer rods at the top of the table support legs are used to adjust the table level from front to back. Spacers can be inserted at the bottom of the support legs to adjust the level from side to side. Getting the table level is a must before preceding to other adjustments.


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      Re: 82/90 help please

      One thing you might want to check first: With the table at the home position, reach in the back of the machine and see if you can wiggle the table up and down. If it seems loose, you probably have one or more bad rod ends on the stabilizer rods. You will want to replace them before levelling the table.



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        Re: 82/90 help please

        I have to agree with Roger on this one...The table must absolutely be level before proceding to any other "table" adjustments. Also a few other things to check and possibly lube...The 4 (2 on each side) table counter balance springs. They have a small washer where the hook of the spring connects to on the main frame of the machine. These wil squeak and if left alone long enough will create some table problems i.e. table throwing up pins on a ful rack spot. Also, you may want to check the clevis adjustment and make sure your table is the "correct" level from the pin deck 5/16 I believe...With these lubes and adjustments you should be on your way to a wobble free full rack...Good Luck!

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          Re: 82/90 help please

          Question: In the spotting action of the table, the part that makes the cups move away (backwards) from the pins just after spotting while the cups are still verticle, is that in the profile of the spotting cam? That's the only thing I see that makes them go back. If so, if the cam wears down, is it possible for the cups not to clear the pin bottoms as a result?
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            Re: 82/90 help please


            Since you mentioned that this place has been neglected for some time, another very important place to check is the the table tie link (lighting rod). There's some oilites and shoulder bolts that go in there. They're very prone to wear if not looked after regularly. After checking the above items mentioned by others, look here. If there's alot of slop, the rows of pins behind the sloppy pivot will have inconsistent drive to swing forward resulting in jerky, and poor pin spotting. Easy way to check:

            1) cycle pinsetter to 270 setting new pins; table all the way down.

            2) Grab 8 & 9 cups and GENTLY rock and observe the pivot inside the lightning rod. The slop will be obvious.

            3) Repeat with the 4-5-6, then the 2-3 rows and observe. Correct and probelms as they will get worse.

            If this is a little "on the side" thing that you don't visit regularly, I suggest installing those lubeless bushings here and any other place that requires frequent lubrication.

            Best of luck to you.
            "Where are we going, and why are we in a hand basket?"



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              Re: 82/90 help please


              I went back today with my boos and we found a few things:

              Made table adjustments at bottom dead center for table clearace 5/16".

              Traingle is crooked.
              Back of table is 1/2 inch higher than the front.
              Overall machine height is about 1/2 higher than the other.
              Both lane beds are level and are the same height from the floor.
              Shuttle has sloppy transfer - looking into that
              No slop in the table components.
              No wear appears on any end fittings or bearings.
              Total grease and lube job done this week.

              Both of us think that the machine height is playing a huge role in our problems. The machine is not level side to side as well. We will go back wednesday to level the machine height and adjust the traingle accordingly.

              Thanks to all for the input!!!


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                Re: 82/90 help please

                By the way.... they've had 3 other mechanics come out that wont even touch this machine (dist problems), so i dont feel so bad.


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                  Re: 82/90 help please

                  You're a brave man to tackle a big problem machine. I totally respect that! Keep up the good work Joe [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
                  All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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                    Re: 82/90 help please

                    Thank You Rep.

                    I appreciate that. You know I was never anything more than an assisstant when I worked on the 70's, but I learned a lot in the last year while working on 30's. I certainly hope I can pull this one off. I'll know more after tomorrow. I will keep you guys posted!!


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                      Re: 82/90 help please

                      No prob Joe, as long as yu care and want to become a good mechanic I feel that anyone can be a great mechanic as long as your heart is in the right spot [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
                      All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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                        Re: 82/90 help please

                        OK guys, heres the update:

                        Took my boss with me today for this one... he's the head mechanic on our 8230s back at the lanes.

                        We tackled the 8290xl, this is what we did and the order we did it in.

                        - lowered machine height right and left side, accordingly.
                        - Reset table height
                        - Changed settings for cup rotation
                        - Changed the position (up/down) on all 10 cups.
                        - My boss re-adjusted the distributor and kidney

                        SPOTS GOOD!
                        DISTRIBUTOR IS GOOD! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

                        Two more problems I will take care of MOnday:

                        Get the spotting cup width corrected on 8 of the 10 cups (ranged from 4 and 1/16 to almost 4 and 1/2 inches [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif[/img] )

                        I have to move the triangle back to get all 10 on spot, as the table was already off about 3/4" too far forward. mAy have to tweak some table adjustments, but at least I'm close rather than farther from a solution.


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                          Re: 82/90 help please

                          Sounds good, got the big stuff out of the way. The little adjustments to be done shouldn't be a problem. Congrats! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
                          All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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