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Ball Detector Cost and Performance?


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  • Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

    Does anyone know the current AMF pricing for new Ball Detectors or a link to current AMF equipment pricing?

    Do current Ball Detectors live up to expectations? Is installation/alignment easy and reliable? False Triggers? Intermittent Cycles?

    Thanks in advance for your inputs/advice!

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    Re: Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

    Zot or Bowltronics makes a better one, IMHO.

    But, if you insist on the AMF stuff, part number is 612-440-015 with a list price of $490.00 each. It's the kit. This is for AMF pinsetters (which I assume you have since it was posted here). The Brunswick version is a different ballgame.

    I've seen the Zots and like them much, much better to my AMFs. Intermittent cycles caused by vibration is dependent on where you mount them.
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      Re: Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

      Bowtronics makes good stuff, very reliable and easy to understand.
      <a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a></a> - phone #1-800-346-3153
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        Re: Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

        Well, all I can say is that I have had the AMF detectors for 7 years now and have had 2 triggers go bad.

        IMO, they work so well, I disconnected the ball return reset buttons five years ago(now I don't have kids pushing reset while people are bowling)

        In regards to the part number, you might want to call AMF to verify the number. They make a detector now that interfaces with BOSS and has ball speed capabilities. I do not know if they make two seperate units, or if the part number posted by Kat is which model.

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          Re: Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

          Best thing we ever purchased, the ball detector. Every evening, saturday and sunday especially during kids parties. We had ghost calls all down to the number of children using 6lb balls. We got not cycling after they bowled, giving XXXX about 4 goes, scoring problems. We knew it was because of light ball. But trying to get FOH staff to understand this difficult.

          So we ordered 2 out of the maintenance budget, and guess what no complaints from the customers on these lanes. And whats more.... they actually finished bowling on time. Now we have them on every pair of lanes.

          But BEWARE, We had to install our direcly below the masking unit, about 5 foot from the 1 pin. I believe normally they are installed further back than this. If a ball is bowled at the sweep, stays in the gutter it Always stop infront of the reflector. Now your lane won't cycle. The FOH staff also seem to be unable to grasp this point.

          So you will solve some problems if you buy them, and gain another. But as i always say to the MGR, the standard is not to have a ball in the gutter at any time. The FOH staff should move them immediately. If they did, We wouldn't get calls saying the lane is not cycling !

          Remember that last point.


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            Re: Ball Detector Cost and Performance?

            AMF has the worst ball detect system ever. The speed sensitive feature is useless.

            Install the Bowltronics units behind the sweep with no delay.

            I have installed Bowltronics system in 4 houses over 58 lanes.....I have not had one unit failure of any kind in 4 years of service on all these units.



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