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respotting prob.


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  • respotting prob.

    How do you get the fingers to close/open sooner? I've got a machine that won't release the pins that it manages to respot. Respotting action occurs so late in table's travel, pins either slip through fingers or become 'hanging pins'. I've gone step by step through table adj's twice now. Couple other things to note;

    can't get pawl to clear shifter cam by 1/16th, but it does go to proper section of cam.

    cam follower on respot cam has a flat spot, dont always roll.

    slightly bent wireway(1-7) and couple dings in the link(1-10), but no other bent pivots or binds that I am seeing.

    Doesnt happen with every cycle, sometimes it works ok, but not near enough for league tomorrow.

    any help plz

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    Re: respotting prob.

    Adjust the stop bolt on the shifter link so the cells do not bottom out on the travel.....after the cells close I think it is 4 turns out.



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      Re: respotting prob.

      Change that cam follower..... it probably won't fix the cell problem but you don't need to damage the spot/respot cam either.

      Also.... (in addition to what The King said) check the spring hanger on the respot arm and make sure it's not binding on the stud. Or that the shoulder on the stud isn't worn down. Either one will reduce the pulling strength of the two springs attached.
      -- Larry


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        Re: respotting prob.

        Make sure the wireways are not binding on the cells during closing. If they are bent down they might grab or drag on the ball stud and nut. Adjust the respot rod to clear the pawl and be sure to put a drop of oil on the pawl pin to assure free movement. I agree.......change that cam follower and be sure to grease the new one and the cam.


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          Re: respotting prob.

          Sounds like you may have a bent pivot stud connecting on one of the respot levers.

          I know I had this and I looked and looked. Finally I took off and looked at all of the Respot Levers (070-007-623) and pivot studs. For sure one of pivot studs was bent I could not tell until I took off the respot levers to look.

          This problem was there before I came to the place and was very hard to find but easy to fix and even find once I got the idea of where to look.

          Best of luck.


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            Re: respotting prob.

            Just a 'silly' one to toss in here... I have had problems like that caused by a loose stud on the master carb (the area of the 2/4 stringer) that caused a lot of play in the respot assembly (and caused the fingers to close both late and light. After replacing the flimsy steel clip with a 14-20 nut and tightening it up, everything returned to normal.
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              Re: respotting prob.

              have you looked at your springs going to the re spot arm [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] one may be broken,or the bracket that the springs hook up to on the frame
              one of the welds could have broken loose and the bracket is too far forward.
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