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pin lamps...G MAN ??


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  • pin lamps...G MAN ??

    Old masks...S-21 circa late 60's..( the ones that love to fall & whack you in the back ! )NO circuit boards,just wires coming from the flat green plug to the SS chassis (With Omega-tek board).
    I have all but 2 fixed... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif[/img]
    I'm quite sure it's a ground problem & it's in the connection of the green plug.

    I assume the diodes on the mother board turn the ground on & off going to the lamps? Cause if I ground any lamp socket to the machine frame,the light comes on.

    I think the first 2 wires (towards the back of the machine) are the ground wires to the mask ?

    THX !!!!
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    Re: pin lamps...G MAN ??

    I dug this out of my "book of many things", and tried to copy it the best I could with HTML... hope it helps.

    PM Plug, Chassis Side:
    <table width="95%" border="2"><tr><td>Top Level</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Mask White #28</td><td>Strike Light #26</td><td>1st Ball #24</td><td>8 Pin #22</td><td>4 Pin #20</td><td>1 Pin #18</td><td>5 Pin #16</td><td>9 Pin #14</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Mask Red #2</td><td>Blank?</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Bottom Level</td></tr>
    <tr><td>2nd Ball Ground Yellow #29</td><td>Foul Light #27</td><td>2nd Ball #25</td><td>10 Pin #23</td><td>6 Pin #21</td><td>2 Pin #19</td><td>3 Pin #17</td><td>7 Pin #15</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Blank</td><td>Ground 10 Pin - Gray #1</td></tr></table>
    I may have put one too many 'blanks' in this, I'm not sure... it's been a while since I had to pin one out.

    Chassis Diodes &amp; Pinout to PM and 4-Board:
    <table width="95%" border="2"><tr><td>Foul Light PM-27</td><td>1_Pin PM-18 PC4-22</td><td>2_Pin PM-19 PC4-12</td><td>3_Pin PM-17 PC4-24</td><td>4_Pin PM-20 PC4-14</td><td>5_Pin PM-16 PC4-26</td><td>6_Pin PM-21 PC4-16</td><td>7_Pin PM-15 PC4-28</td><td>8_Pin PM-22 PC4-18</td><td>9_Pin PM-14 PC4-30</td><td>10_Pin PM-23 PC4-20</td><td>Strike PM-26 PC4-5</td><td>1st Ball PM-24 PC4-9</td><td>2nd Ball PM-25 PC4-7</td></tr></table>

    If I remember right, to find what end to start at, the motherboard tracer going to PC4-2 runs right alongside the diode for the foul light.

    Sometimes what you might thing is a grounding problem turns out to be a flukey diode... your best bet is to change the offending diode and try it out again. The diodes are inexpensive, standard "switching"-type, that you can get at any Radio Shack. When replacing, note the orientation of the gray band on the diode, and put the new one in the same way, or it won't work.
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      Re: pin lamps...G MAN ??

      Thanks Gman,
      We are fixing to get knew masking units,I am going to put a pinfinder display on the rear of chassis for the mechanics to troubleshoot respots,and this will come in handy.



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        Re: pin lamps...G MAN ??

        Originally posted by masternut:
        Thanks Gman,
        We are fixing to get knew masking units,I am going to put a pinfinder display on the rear of chassis for the mechanics to troubleshoot respots,and this will come in handy.

        <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Screw a white insert out of a ST-21 or Mod 4 mask unit to the curtain wall and run the wiring up to the will only need to tie into 6 or so for the new units.



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          Re: pin lamps...G MAN ??

          I built a miniature "pinlamp" setup a while ago... I can't seem to find the schematic for it. Basically, I just printed (etched) a circuit board with contact pads for LEDs, in the same configuration as the masking unit. I soldered the LEDs to the board, with resistors to drop the voltage and current down so it didn't blow them out. Soldered on a 10' piece of multiconductor stranded-wire cable and ran it to a PM plug. To use it, we just plugged it into the PM socket, and it will display the pinlights just like a masking unit, except you can stick it to the back of a machine (we glued magnets to the back of it) and watch it, instead of trying to see the frontend display. It's probably still laying in a box at the lanes... it isn't much use to us now, since all of our table wiring has been disconnected.

          If I manage to find it, or the schematic, I'll post a pic.
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