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chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek


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  • chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek

    on friday night lane 3 starts acting funny. Ball light would switch from #2 to #1. A few minutes later cycles by itself. Pulled chassis off and put on spare - runs normal.

    the chassis that was on originally had old allen bradley contacts on sweep and table. I replaced both contactors (wired correctly), and tried out the chassis. Now i have no cycle. And if i "bump/nudge" the chassis, ball lights flicker & contactors chatter abit.

    i haven't checked out the omega tek board yet, doing that tomarrow. Any ideas welcomed.

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    Re: chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek

    will both sweep and table run using the sweep/table cams? will sweep/table run when contactor is activated by hand?

    im gonna guess.
    -sweep coil (little orange and yellow) wires cut.
    -F3 fuse/circuit blown.
    -c2A pin(s) pushed back.


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      Re: chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek

      If bouncing the chassis causes click or flicker, you probably have some loose or burned pins in the C1/C2A that are making intermittent contact.
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        Re: chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek

        before i started rewiring the chassis, i decided to put in a different omega-tek board. That did the trick. i had a bad pin off of the 5volt heat sink on the omega-tek.

        thanks for the sugggestions though.


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          Re: chassis problem 82/70 w/ omega tek

          Whenever I see a problem involving "...a few minutes later..." or similar, invariably it involves the power supply (in this case, the 5v regulator I gather) - because of heat. You can get some really amusing(!) time-related problems.

          I have also had a few "...half a second later..." problems with Omega teks - and those problems are usually to do with dry joints ('cos a dry joint is like a very small capacitor - and the chips on omega teks being mostly CMOS are happy to use a dry solder joint as a nice time delay module!).

          Time-related electrical faults can be fun ;-).



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