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  • Respot cells

    I have just finished rebuilding every respot cell in the house.

    I replaced the 1/4 studs with 5/16 studs on every cell. This should eliminate all stud breakage.

    Any cell with a worn switch/insert I used an 8 x 1 1/4 x 32 to replace the small screw and eliminate the "loose" cells.

    All cells have Vantage glides on the bottom and super glued new bumpers to all cell frames.

    No more problems.


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    Re: Respot cells

    Cool on you King! How are your fingers?
    Having trouble picturing the screw though. Did you mean 8-32 by 1/4"?

    The importance of perfectly aligned respot components hit home for me when I attended John Isbell's seminar at the ECBCC.
    I think he said there's 140 pivot points that operate when the cells open and close. There's a trivia question for you guys!

    I also learned about the new 090 yoke with a regular setscrew in it. Replaces the insert, stop screw, and old-style yoke. Best part - no more loose inserts or ground-down 1/4" wrenches!
    If you don't use table wiring anymore, this part looks pretty cool!

    1/4" studs or 5/16" studs, I still say yes to the GPS! It's your early warning when something is bent or sticking in the respot department!



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      Re: Respot cells

      Chaddie.....just put the 1 1/4 screw in the insert from the rear after you take the gennie screw out.......that way you never run out of adjustment.

      GPS assy. are in the trash.



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        Re: Respot cells

        I understand your position, El Kingo,
        You are in a sheltered environment - you are the King!

        Do you have newly-hired screwballs walking around on the bin assembly while there is a pin stuck screwy on top of the table?
        Do you have many pins stuck on the table in the first place?
        I'd go on, but the point is that most places suffer from more bent/misaligned respot mechanism issues than you, because you are the master of your domain.

        We've got Accu+/MP and table wiring is eliminated - except for the GPS!
        If there's a GPS call on the night shift log from the previous night, guess which machine the head mechanic drops the sweep on the next day.
        Most of the time, a crooked pivot stud or something like that shows up in the junk pile by the end of his shift! If not, you know that each pivot point has been inspected and lubed if necessary.

        People (including John Isbell) say that the GPS was solely for the aluminum fingers, but my head mech agrees with me. A GPS call is a cry for help from that machine's respot train.

        Let's make sense of this! If aluminum fingers are closed and the table runs down on standing pins, the fingers are getting bent. The GPS is only concerned with cells that are not opened ALL THE WAY!
        On any other cycle, the cells are automatically opened (if it's all in alignment) and pins are spotted.
        I wasn't there when AMF people decided on the GPS (were you? ), but I'm guessing that it's purpose was not to protect aluminum fingers as much as it was to protect the entire RS train from getting damaged!

        If I get a GPS call, I'm on that machine until I can find the reason that the cells didn't open enough to switch the GPS. The bowlers only see the table going up and down, but while it's up, I'm opening and closing the cells to find the culprit. Often, only a drop of oil on a tight stud will cure it. Other times, I'll be replacing a stud or cell and respotting the pin by hand if necessary. Safe? For me it's safe because I know to remove my hands from the machine when a ball is delivered - when I train a newbie I make sure they have the machine unplugged whenever they do things like that.

        Once in a while it's a bent wireway or something like that - that's when I have to decide if I can sit on it for the rest of the night or if I need to drop the sweep and and replace it.

        If you short the GPS circuit and you don't have an intimate relationship with each machine, you are costing yourself respot parts. That's my opinion. I think I've given sufficeint evidence why. If you disagree, I hope you saved the switches and levers!



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          Re: Respot cells

          As much time as I have spent caressing the respot adjustments I believe I am very intimate with the

          With all due respect.....the 5/16 studs eliminate many problems with binding and bent parts.

          Our 70's have been here 30 years now......taking all the cells out for a rebuild was a prudent decision.



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            Re: Respot cells

            Originally posted by 82/70 king:
            As much time as I have spent caressing the respot adjustments I believe I am very intimate with the
            <font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">Ya know, you scare me sometimes....

            Next you'll be pokin' yer 'tweeter' in the oiler holes on the back of the wheel.

            You need to get out of the backend a little more often. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
            <span style="font-style: italic">Educatio est omnium efficacissima forma rebellionis</span>


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