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  • 90XL

    When did this machine come out and are there any major problems with them.

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    Re: 90XL

    HI, Dont know when they came out but i have been running my 90XL`s for just over 3 months and i am very happy with them, there are a lot of improvements over the old 70`s, the finger cells are brilliant, the sweep mounts are better and the motors are great, the table is very heavy though and seems to be upside down!! (rough side up!?) and sharing a chassis is great until it goes down as you lose 2 lanes instead of 1. The capacitors are in the chassis and not in the trunking and the whole wiring is better.

    Generally i find them a lot easier to set up and look after and would not like to go back to using 70`s unless they at least had the XL upgrade!

    If there is anything else you want to know i will try to help.


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      Re: 90XL

      Hi, Spain!
      Our new center in the Chicago area is the first to get brand new 90XL's. Reworked 82/90's have been installed around here for over the past year, but mine were installed in Feb '03. There are a few problems that are easily rectified, and AMF engineers and I have been working together to solve most of them so that they will go into production, possibly before you get yours.

      I'll share what I discover with you here, but over several different installments, because I have so many issues to share. A lot of these facts don't get revealed by AMF salespersons and installers to the customers.

      For those not familiar with 90XL (not the same as 82/90), this is the 90 with the steel table, steel sweep links, and newer design pinwheel/distributor support.

      First, good design changes over 87/70 and early 82/90 (Concept 90):

      The pinwheel assembly, like the early 90's, rides on three plastic, self-lubricating rollers. However, they changed the support frame for the wheel. This change made the entire back end much more sturdy, particularly where the distributor is concerned. There is an additional cross brace at the back, to which is bolted the distributor support. This cross brace makes if hard for larger people to reach in through the wheel, but the distributor support is now adjustable at the rear
      for height, plus it's much easier to set the plumbness of the post. (Slotted holes)

      The best news is, the pinwheel and distributor are about 1/2" further back, allowing more room between the pinwheel and the plows (easier to install the belt, and no chance of pinwheel rubbing plows), as well as between the distributor and the bin (pins do not strike the butt plates; plates and shock mounts last longer).

      PROBLEM: The distributor is back about 1/2" further, but the pinwheel is only about 3/8". This causes the wheel to scrape the clutch when the distributor is in the #10 position. Solution: Shimming the pinwheel hinge blocks back and additional 1/8" at the kickback plates, and sliding the O-pan back (lots of slot).

      More later.



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        Re: 90XL

        One downside of the 90xl is that the table legs are not ajustable. On the 82/70 there is a good bit of engineering gone on, where you can adjust both table legs up or down, to gain a perfectly level table, side to side. The posts are both adjustable. On the 90xl there is no such adjustment unfortunatly. I believe that some sort of shim idea would have to take place? Unsure why they didnt keep the idea on the new machines? [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]
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          Re: 90XL

          Alastair: that adjustable aluminum leg was only on model "A" and "B" machines manufactured before 1970. The "C" and MP production aluminum tables since then all had steel support legs, requiring shims for side-to-side leveling.

          Spain: forgot to mention that the first 82/90 machine, known as the Concept 90 Pinspotter, came out around early 1995. The 82/90XL Pinspotter (first steel table model) was a little later, I think around '97 or '98. The latest revision of the new machine, the 90XL, debuted only a couple years ago, with the new front end motor and steel sweep links.


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