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  • Wang's Pics

    hey guys check out these pics i took.

    2 are of a front end of the machine that sits in our mechanic's room used for testing chassi and combo motors.

    The other 2 are of the orientation mod from stahls. That little device works good because it forces the pins to turn quick. That combined with taking out the rear belt runner makes for some goood orienting.

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    Re: Wang's Pics

    Nice.....take a pic of my modified pinholder.



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      Re: Wang's Pics

      Nice pics! Stahl mod looks easy to copy, but whats up with that dist. belt? Never seen one like that!


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        Re: Wang's Pics

        The dist. belt is one that Stahls came out with a year or two ago. It is supposed to grab the pin a little better off the O pan.
        P.S. Hey wang, thanks for getting my business card in the back ground.



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          Re: Wang's Pics

          What a great teaching tool! You could explain the front end to a chaser without causing any damage. That dist. belt turned out to be a huge problem. I have three left, out of the original twenty or so, that I put on. The belts developed a bad warp. The center of the belt curved up and pushed the pins to one side of the dist..
          We changed out the belts to the ones Mr. Fox sells. These belts lay flat and really grab the wood.
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            Re: Wang's Pics

            hey guys

            thanks for the compliments on the pics.

            as for the dist belts....we've had them for 2 to 3 years now and yes they start to cause problems just like amfpinboy described about it warping and making the pins go to 1 side. Without buying new betls, as we have these belts on 40+ of our 67 distributors, the only fix is to take out the rear belt runner which really makes the machine run good. The belt still grabs the pins good but since the rear runner is gone they really oritent good.

            GPS, you our me $ for plugging your business card in the pics [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img] lol j/k



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              Re: Wang's Pics

              That orientor mod is worth it's weight in gold... I want them for all the machines. convincing the owner is another story. He didn't want to buy one, so I made a VERY rough copy of one from a picture of it... even without the right measurements and such, it just about eliminated jams caused by incorrect orienting.

              It's time has come... AMF should have done that when they designed the machines. Keeping the orientor pegs at the same position in relation to the wheel stops all the 'corner pin' misfeeds quite handily, since the pins are dropping and pivoting at the same place, all the time. The OEM distributor has pegs that constantly change position, causing pins to pivot differently depending on where the distributor is, and which way the pin comes off the wheel (headfirst or base first).
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