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Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod


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  • Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

    Hey guys

    here are pics of jerry's mod for double shuttling.
    They are redrilled pinholders to move the pinholders farther back reducing room for the pin to fall into the cups.

    The first one is a pic of the pin holders just hanging there.

    The 2nd shows the pinholders on the machine in the 7 and 8 pin postions with arrows shown as to what they look like by default and the modified ones.


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    Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

    Jerry told me about this mod when I was woking at a 70 center. I did it on a lot of my problem lanes...ok all of my lanes and it worked. It saved me a ton of headaches. If i never thanked you before King, I will now. Thanks

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      Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

      Welcome to all....this mod is on about 1/2 my machines.



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        Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod



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          Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

          I did the opposite of this mod on a machine that was having a problem with not shuttling the 9. If I adj the shuttle rod ¼ turn shorter (so it would shuttle the 9 OK) I was getting dbl shuttles elsewhere. Not a single call on that lane in 3 weeks.


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            Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

            [QUOTE]Originally posted by WangJ:
            [QB]Hey guys

            here are pics of jerry's mod for double shuttling.
            They are redrilled pinholders to move the pinholders farther back reducing room for the pin to fall into the cups.

            How about taking the Mod a step farther, and making slotted holes. This would make the distance adjustable to the machine.
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              Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

              Dutch, bit dissapionted in your response to this topic. I believe that the shuttle is a good piece of engineering, and that no mods should be made to it, if the shuttle is in adjustment.

              As you say "i'll do any amount of work to avoid doing any amount of work" If the shuttle was doubleling a certain pin, then you should start an investigation. (do not mean to be nasty, but your my vote for tech of the year. When ever it comes around!!) [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif[/img]
              Would also like to know how u adjust the shuttle rod a quarter of a turn! Is this sum combination of front screw and back rotation of the shuttle
              rod? Usually when I adjust it I talk in half turns, not 1/4 turn terms when i adjust the shuttle rod.
              Anyhow, who wants only 2 scews to afix the shuttle part to the shuttle?
              Interested to find out what your "reverse" fix to this problem is? Do you push the holders forward and not backward, [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif[/img] I take it?
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                Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

                The mod is almost a necessity on older machines, and not really a 'band-aid' fix. The shuttle on older machines with a fair amount of wear & tear on them is inadequate to hold the pins when the gap grows due to cutting of the pindeck and wear and fatigue in the links. We have some that you can investigate and adjust until you're blue in the face, and they will still double-shuttle occasionally.

                By moving the pin holder, it allows the back row holders to get under the upper pin before it falls through the bin and on to the table, but still lets the front rows shuttle normally. If the whole shuttle is moved/adjusted, you may cure a double-shuttle problem on the back of the bin, and cause a problem with pins getting jammed between the guide and pin holders on at the front.

                The bin was another area that really should have been rethought by AMF... if the bin walls were actually high enough to contain two pins (instead of 1 in the bin, and 3/4 of the other sticking up), and the distributor was mounted up a bit more to accomodate the higher bin, the problem of double-shuttling probably wouldn't exist... the higher guides and bin walls would guarantee that the 'upper' pins were positioned correctly, instead of continual problems with heads flopping over on to other bins, falling into the bin pockets too far forward or back, hanging up in a pin guide and dropping late, etc... that will never completely go away with the current setup.
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                  Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

                  Thanks Queen!

                  Charlie [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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                    Re: Jerry rigging.......double shuttle mod

                    Sorry to disappoint you, Alistar. Yes, I will do anything necessary to keep my machines as close to original specs as possible. But, as mentioned by others, that isn’t always possible. If all else fails, sometimes you have to throw out the book. This is one of those times. Here’s why;

                    My lanes were installed in 1961. Still original wood, albeit, much thinner.
                    The original 82-30’s were replaced with used 82-70’s in 1973. (They still have tamperproof putty on the rear of the shuttle from when they were leased machines)
                    All but 1 (short term) previous mechanic believed more in duct tape &amp; bailing wire than in replacing worn parts &amp; proper adjustments.
                    I’ve lowered &amp; reinstalled the machines as far as the elevating screws will allow. Some only have 1 nut between the top of the kickback &amp; machine frame. This was the only way I could get the machine close enough to the pindeck.
                    Most of the bins have been lowered even more (using the 070-006-371 bracket) to make up for what lowering the machines couldn’t do.
                    I’ve installed bin straps on 4-5-6-7-8-9&amp;10.
                    Shuttles are adj slightly deeper than specs.

                    As for the ¼ turn of the shuttle rod, I usually work in ½ turn increments too. This one needed finer tuning than most. If I had it ½ turn one way, it was dbl shuttling other pins. ½ turn the other way &amp; the 9 would ½ shuttle &amp; hold the shuttle forward. Hence, ¼ turn. I slotted the holes in the pin holders on the 9 by about 1/16” &amp; moved them forward to allow a hair more room for the pin to drop thru. I still use all 3 bolts.

                    I’m not saying that there isn’t something else wrong with the shuttle. I’m just saying that my 20 yrs experience hasn’t been enough to find it. If I removed the shuttle from the machine I might find it. Maybe some day I’ll do that. Until then, I have higher priorities. Like replacing the double solenoid front ends that have some of the respot arms worn so badly that they sit at a 20° angle. Or, maybe replacing our magic circles with C-90’s. There’s always the telescore fires that occure every couple of months, the 100 or so bad RSC’s, bent wireways, kicker ball returns, 30+ yr old motors… Well, you get my drift.

                    These are the things I’m still working on after 2 yrs. I’ve brought the ratio from 350 FPS up to about 1050. I think I’m headed in the right direction.


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