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Carpets and Prodigy


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  • Carpets and Prodigy

    I've been using Prodigy now for about 8 months now. All of a sudden a number of my carpets are squeeking as they go over the bounce plate. Sounds like a bearing is going bad, but there not. If I go to the common side, while the carpet is running and wipe the inside of the carpet with a rag it goes away for a day or so. It's happening on different brands of carpets, Vantage and Longwood. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.


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    Re: Carpets and Prodigy

    No problem here...but I cannot hear anything due to my front rollers



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      Re: Carpets and Prodigy

      I had the same problem a while back, sounded like chirping birds. I also work at a BRC center and we have this 4" wide translucent tape made by Cadillac Plastic's {they are on the web}. we use it for repairing deck chutes. It is .015 thick and very long lasting. Kat posted for me a while back & explained it's due to carpet wear on the high side. He was right. I pulled the carpet away from the side plate {pop the front roller if you want}and applied the tape to the bounce plate including the steel angle plate. When it wears down in about 4 months, it won't leave a gooey mess and you can stick another length right over the top with out removing the old. This tape has a backing on it that you remove when you apply it. It works great for me-hope it works for you. Bill
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        Re: Carpets and Prodigy

        Hey Doc- the only time I had that problem was when using the 3-ply carpets from AMF. The backing would wear off and the rubber in the middle of the carpet would rub o the bounce board and chirp. Not sure why Vantage carpets would do this though.



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          Re: Carpets and Prodigy

          Just put the noisie ones as far away from the shop as possible.
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