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  • Cycles

    Can someone please explain to me all the different machine cycles? Also, with the MP Chassis isn't there like a short strike cycle? If so, does this automatically work in the 10th frame if an extra reset is needed?

    I hope someone can help me out.

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    Re: Cycles

    They are capable of short strike cycle as well as sweep reverse on gutter ball or corner pin pick off but it depends on what type of scoring that you have in place as to wether or not it can be done. If you post the type of scoring that you have someone will be able to tell you.


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      Re: Cycles

      Types of machine cycles (assumes 82/70 type of machine with OmegaTek MK70 with expander (MP type) chassis and AMF scoring interfaced to machine, no table wiring. Also Pindication masks)

      During the cyles descibed below the table and sweep may be moving at the same time.

      1st ball cycles: All cycles start with ball triggering machine and sweep drops to guard. Information on remaining pins is sent from scoring computer to machine chassis. (this is called a 'smart machine', if the scoring is not interfaced to the machine, all cycles will resemble #2, as the table must lower to 'feel' for pins.)

      1) No pins down, or 7 pin only down, or 10 pin only down. Remaining pins are lit on masking unit. Sweep raises and machine steps to second ball. Cycle over. Note, there can't be any deadwood so the table never lowers to pick up standing pins. Greatly speeds up play especially with open bowlers, many who use whatever ball is on the return and throw as soon as the machine is ready. Very occasionally during bumper bowling, child's ball is left on deck after stopping after hitting head pin (but not knocking it over)

      2) 1 to 9 pins down, other than the 7 pin or 10 pin only down. Table lowers to pick standing pins up, Remaining pins are lit on masking unit, sweep sweeps off deadwood and returns to guard, table lowers remaining pins and releases them. Sweep raises and machine steps to second ball. Cycle over. Note, this cycle starts with 1 pin down, it is possible to have one pin down other than the 7 or 10 pin. This may happpen when a bumper bowler's ball stops after hitting one of the front pins. Also may occur if the machine failed to set 10 pins. Missing a 5 pin for example. The machine does not care if it is actually possible to get just the 5 pin. It will run this cycle as though that is all you got.

      3) Strike. X is lit on masking unit. Sweep sweeps off deadwood and returns to guard. Table Spots a new rack of pins. Sweep raises and machine steps to first ball. X lite goes off. Cycle over. This cycle also occurs during 8pin or 9pin bowling when you get 8 or 9 down, respectively. Also for StrikeShot bowling. And the 12th ball in 10th frame. Speeds up play, mainly during league or tournaments (better bowlers get more strikes) saves on sweeps getting hit during 8-9 pin bowling and 10th frame.

      4) Foul. THIS CYCLE OVERRIDES ALL ABOVE CYCLES. Red line lit on masking unit. Buzzer rings. Sweep sweeps off ALL pins and returns to guard. Table Spots a new rack of pins. Sweep raises and machine steps to second ball. red line lite goes off. Cycle over. Note, all pins are now standing ready for second ball, but are not lit on pindication.

      5) Off Spot Pin. Table lowers but instead of picking up pins, part of the table hits standing pins that have moved off spot or are standing in certain spots of the flat gutter. If the pin that the table rests on is on the pindeck the table will be unable to lower far enough to pick up the pins, and will reverse up without picking up the pins. If the pin is standing in the gutter, the table may be low enough to pick up the pins, but the table still is unable to fully lower as in a normal cycle, it will reverse with the pins. The sweep remains at guard as it can't clear deadwood if the table didn't successfully pick up the standing pins. This will require an attendant to come to the machine to manually remove deadwood and raise the sweep by pushing a switch. There are aftermarket devises that enable the sweep to reverse with the table leaving the deadwood. The bowler could either shoot at the spare with the deadwood still there or call for an attendant. In the case where the table was still holding the pins an attendant would have to be called. Legally by ABC rules deadwood must be removed, but in todays casual bowling environment, most bowlers don't mind the occasional deadwood. Remaining pins are NOT lit on masking unit. Cycle over.

      2nd ball cycle:
      1) Only this cycle can occur. Sweep drops, Any pindication lights turn off. After a pause the Sweep sweeps off all standing pins and deadwood. Table spots new pins. Sweep raises. Machine steps to first ball. Cycle over. In the case of a foul, the foul light will go on for a set amount of time, but the cycle will remain the same.

      If selected from front desk control, sweep and table never begin cycle. Used to teach a bowler and by some leagues / tournaments. Allows more balls to be thrown in a short time span as no waiting is necessary. Deadwood, if any, remains on deck until hit off by another bowling ball.


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