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  • Hard wiring

    A few months ago, I was at a Brunswick owned 32 lane center with 8270's. They were running about 500 fps. Needless to say, they were badly in need of lubrication in every area. My knowledge is limited but did the best I could in 5 days. I had never worked on National combo's before or seen alum. half cams for table & sweep. They also were also mix & match, some Westinghouse combo's, some Quality BE's, some GE's. In all a nightmare. They had SS chassis with some first generation Omega-tek boards and ALL the machines were hard wired with a 20 amp light switch like you have in your house next to the Greenfield. No Russel Stoll Plug. Is this safe and legal on the east coast or anywhere in the US???
    Yeah but, We've always done it that way.

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    Re: Hard wiring

    Sounds VERY much like my place. When I started at Greenbrae, we were running about 350 fps. We're over 1000 now & still climbing. 40 yrs of rigging takes a long time to eliminate. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif[/img]

    I don't think light switches are legal but that's what we have, too. Fortunately, OSHA doesn't climb on the machines. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]


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      Re: Hard wiring

      A regular 15-20A light switch is probably pushing things quite a bit... however, a lockable disconnect switch located at the machine is OK as far as I know. Hardwiring isn't really an issue, as long as the neutral/ground wires aren't broken by a switch... they must continue through the box to the machine wiring. Only the "hot" lead (or leads for 220V) can be switched.

      In terms of OSHA, they would probably find a "light switch" to be against the Lockout/Tagout standards... but a hardwired locking-type switch would most likely pass, as a bowling machine (in their eyes) is no different than a piece of industrial equipment... most of which is controlled by disconnect switches, and not plugs.
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        Re: Hard wiring

        in the UK you can have any machinery hard wired pretty mch, so long as you have a switch that breaks all power carrying connections but leaves the earth connected, and you can securley isolate it at one point, it you have a lock on your distro board with one key so you can lock it and put the key on a necklace for example, thats OK

        i dont know about other countries tho

        in all honesty, it dosent really matter if the machines are earthed thru the power cable because in the uk, nowerdays, if its metal, you gotta earth bond it
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          Re: Hard wiring

          Thank you all for your replies. The BRC inspector, who is at our center now will be going there next week to do a 51.20 and this info will be helpfull. Since he is a Brunswick man, he has almost no knowledge of 8270's and was "hoodwinked" by the previous MOS. I hope I can go back there with him but I doubt it because we have so much to do and we are short on help. My manager said to go ahead and post in the help wanted section. I am doubtful of a response because Brunswick is no different than AMF when it comes to wages. I've always had the belief that no company ever went broke because they paid their SKILLED labor too much. Agreed?? Thank you; Bill
          Yeah but, We've always done it that way.


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            Re: Hard wiring

            I've worked four different 82/70 centers and all but one of them had toggle power switches (they're actually 20 amp rated HD switches and not your regular wall switch). One of those three also had the Russel Stoll plug. The other two were "hard wired" through the toggle (because California requires all high power circuits be inside some sort of approved shielding.)

            Before you change anything as far as how power gets to the machine, check the codes in your state or area.
            -- Larry


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