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Rack not dropping after 1st ball!


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  • Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    After the 1st ball is thrown the rack will not come down to spot pins. You can go to 2nd ball and cycle and the rack will drop a new set. Did all the obvious such as chassis, switch has power, etc.... When we did put one chassis on it worked and then put the other chassis on it did not work. Put the one that just worked on and it no longer worked. Is this then a loose wire on the C1 or C2? Not too familiar with those.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

    The first thing most people will need to know is what kind of chassis, contacts, boards, scoring system. Because you swapped chassis and the problem went away, probably not in the chassis. Then you swapped and swapped again, and now no chassis works. This points to the machine side C1 or C2A having a pushed in or burnt pin. Start there and post again.
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      Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

      Do you have gripper protection switches ? I would check that. If the gp has been jumped out on the tac board check the connectors on the two yellow wires to see if one of the spade terminals came out.
      Also check c2a plug. If moving chassis around helped once then maybe the terminal for gp switch in c2a is loose or pushes back.


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        Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

        If you mean the table wont feel for pins after first ball, then check your gripper protection switch which is located at the back of the table between the 8 & 9 respot cells. Or if you are saying its in the chassis, replace your spot relay. If the following doesnt describe your problem then I need more info. Good Luck :p


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          Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

          As mentioned check the gripper protection switch, check the switch and wires themselves in the table and also in the wireway, and the pins for it in the C2-A plug. Also if you have SS chassis with Omega-Tek boards try swapping the MK-70 board, we had a bad MK-70 cause this once.
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            Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

            you say the rack will not come down after a first ball. Do you mean a strike, as this could be scoring problem if you have automatic scoring. If 82/70, does it feel for pins and do a normal first ball cycle, does the sweep run down and thro and wait at second guard. you could have bad spotting relay if MP chassis or SC /TA2 could be out.A little more information as to what actually happens may guide some of our colleagues to be able to help you.Remember the spotting is all connected thro bin switch , so check here too.
            keep us posted.
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              Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

              If the machine is still using the respot cells for pin detection, you may have a wire that is off or grounding out in the wireway or a cell that has its adjusting screw turned out too far. This will cause the machine to detect a phantom pin.


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                Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                I'm a little confised, too... the table should only be spotting pins on a 1st ball if there was a strike. Any other time it should run a 1st ball cycle and feel for pins.

                If it's not spotting after a strike or 2ND ball, it's most likely a cam or the SP relay. If the table isn't running down to feel for pins after 1st ball, it's probably going to be a misadjusted cam/follower, or a marginal camswitch.

                Another cause of the table not running after 1st ball is a misadjusted / broken GP switch or wiring.

                If it's sitting there with a full bin and refuses to spot on either 1st OR 2nd ball, it's most likely the bin switch or wiring.
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                  Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                  Still trying -

                  1) GP switch tested fine. Changed it anyway. No go.

                  2) 5 board chassis. Works fine on other lanes. Must rule this out.

                  3) 12 Strike scoring. Still scores after first ball. Sweep comes down to 1st guard. Table does not.

                  4) The table will not feel for pins on 1st ball cycle.

                  5) If I put machine into 2nd ball and cycle it does so just fine and gives me a 10 standing on the deck.

                  My guess would be a pin in the c2a. But which one? I'm not familiar with the sequence.

                  Hope this helps explain, still a rookie.



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                    Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                    Yellow GPS wires.
                    Could be hooked up to wrong terminal at switch, or open anywhere between switch and C2A.
                    Table Cable Plug
                    TAC between sweep capacitors

                    Trick: Put the two thick yellow wires on the TAC board together and cycle. If it works, the problem is below that. If it doesn't work, the problem is above it.



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                      Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                      Check to make sure that you have continuity from the microswitch on the back of the table all the way to the wireway. Then check from the wireway to the C2 pins as Chad mentioned. Pay close attention to the table connector plug. I've seen these come slightly loose and cause a GP call.
                      If the Table connector checks fine, verify continuity again to make sure that one of the yellow stranded wires in the cable harness is not broken.
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                        Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                        1) C2A-412DD
                        2) C2A-28M

                        These are both fine. No corrosion or burning or pushing in or out.

                        3) Table Cable fine. No damage. Plugged in all the way.

                        4) GP Switch still tests fine. Power is going through when tested.

                        5) TAC between sweep capacitors. Sorry - not familiar with this? A little help.



                        PS. One hour and ten minutes until league practice starts.


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                          Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                          I agree with Magic Triangle just bypass GPS. I have all my machines bypassed. Most mechanics I talk to do the same thing. :p


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                            Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                            You know what just for ****s and giggles disconnect your oor switch by just pulling off both wires.


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                              Re: Rack not dropping after 1st ball!

                              Took the wires off of GPS and nothing. Took of GPS wires in the channel and nothing.

                              Still looking


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