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Curious Broken Wires...


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  • Curious Broken Wires...

    Here's one of our ghosts...(82-70's) Lane 2 wire harness running from table to the front end electrical circuit board is repeatedly giving us broken wires. I'd say I've repaired various pin wires at least 8-10 times in the past couple of years, and yet haven't made the same repair on ANY of the other lanes in the house. Any clues would be appreciated.

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    Re: Curious Broken Wires...

    Take a good look at the wire routing, and watch the machine when running... if there's a lot of 'flex' in the wire when the table moves, you're going to get broken wires. The idea is to secure the wire in such a way that flex and strain is kept to a minimum. We used to use electrical tape to secure the wire directly to the table arms, and wrapped a piece of spiral loom around the spots where the wire flexes... it forces the wire bunch to move as a unit, and also prevents 'hard bends' in the wires.

    If the wires are breaking where they enter the front-end channel (common problem), use a piece of split wire loom or spiral loom... run the wires throuh it, and then push it into the Romex clamp before tightening it down. Again, it will keep wire-breaking 'hard bends' from happening where the harness sags down out of the clamp.

    Also, make sure that anywhere the wire passes around or over a moving joint (like where the table arms pivot, that it's tied or wrapped to prevent it from being pinched.

    If you've been repairing the same cable and reinstalling it back on the same machine, there's also the possibility that you just have a poorly-made cable... flimsy (thinner-gauge) wiring, thin wire jacketing (doesn't protect the conductors from bending), or just a poor grade of copper wire could also be the problem. Being that there's 13 wires in the harness, it's conceivable that they would break one after another in this situation. Replacing the cable with a new one would be the answer there.

    If you have automatic scoring, you can probably get rid of the table cable & eliminate the problem completely. If you don't have scoring & are not using pindication, you can also tie all of the cells to 1 wire going up to the terminal block (it does make it a pain to ferret out a bad cell, though).

    Hawley PA, huh? Whereabouts? One'a these days I'm gonna get up to see Martin in Honesdale... I might have to stop by your place, too... if it's not the same house as his... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img] (I'm in NE PA... Wilkes-Barre area)
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      Re: Curious Broken Wires...

      LS? I was just there for the Antonik Memorial tournament. If you were there, I was the lefty who beat JT with 299 in the quarter finals.

      My boss, Eric was the one who posted the question. I'll pass this on to him tonight before league. If you do come down to visit Gravity, just keep going 6E for another 7 miles. We're just before the Attic Storage on the left. Across from Watson's.


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        Re: Curious Broken Wires...

        I wasn't down there for the tourney... too much "day job" stuff going on lately. Glad to hear you were down to bowl, though. Gotta let me know if you're coming down again... Geo. usually runs a couple tourneys in the summer or towards the end of the summer league season.

        One weekend or a day off I'm gonna take a ride up there fer a visit... I'll have to give ya a yell so I know when you're there.
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          Re: Curious Broken Wires...

          you knock more pins down there in one game than some of us knock down in a series.Check that there are no pins in table or dropping thro shuttle pulling on cable.If possible as one of our friends already said take out the table wire assembly and short out the cell protection switch under the boxbeam.
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            Re: Curious Broken Wires...

            Is the front of the shuttle cutting the wires?
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              Re: Curious Broken Wires...

              Aparently, a key factor here is that it's only lane 2, and you've repaired it 8-10 times.

              Did you ever replace the cable? Or just repair it? It is solid core, or 'flex'/multicore? If you repaired by solder, then you're screwed, cos solder is just going to break. If you replaced the broken wire(s) - did you replace them with solid or multicore?

              Solid isn't designed to be flexed, multi-core is.



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