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  • Vantege scoring

    Hopefully, someone out there can help. I service two centers that have the new Vantage scoring. We are having problems with not reading single pins that are just a little offspot. This creates a lot of respots on the XL90s and since it reads a strike on the 70s it spots on top of the remaining pin. Tough on spotting cups. I dont remember this problem on the older Vantage scoring. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any replies. I am getting too old for these new problems!!!!!

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    Re: Vantege scoring

    Omega tech is the deal, will get rid of of your problem.


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      Re: Vantege scoring

      Hi Paul. Too old my butt.

      The problem is two parts. I've only come to understand it fully myself in the last couple weeks.

      Part 1: The pins are dirty.
      Part 2: To make up for Part 1, the aperture adjustment on the camera lens is too bright.

      With clean pins, you should be able to see the rings on the neck of each pin clearly when you configure the camera view. If you can't, the aperture is too bright.
      Remember, Brighter is a lower number, darker is a higher number.
      When adjusted properly and pins are kept clean, you will have quite a bit of room for pins sliding off spot and being counted properly.
      SI Bowl could probably benefit from this too. Good luck and say Hi to Tim & Doug for me!


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