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    When pressure is applied to the 450 belt, such as holding a rag against it too clean(slight pressure applied), belt and pulleys will stop. What is the cause for this? Are pulley clutches going out, or is there not enough spring tensionr what? I have my compression set between 4 and 41/2 inches. Does anyone have any ideas??
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    Re: PBL ASSY

    It could be both clutches going bad, or the carpet drive belts are slipping. Oil on the belts from a leaking backend motor will cause this.



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      Re: PBL ASSY

      I have a hard time with BOTH clutches going out at the same time. If it does it with only 1 machine running then might be clutch. But both running I doubt it. Check the bottom drive belt pulley. Make sure both set screw's are tight. Might be the pully is spinning on the shaft. That would be my first bet.
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        Re: PBL ASSY

        go thru a process of elimination, make sure the belts are clear of oil, use a petrochemical thinner on a rag and clean the belts, make sure the springs operating the tensioner pulleys are tight, make sure they are the correct belts and not stretched so that the travel of the tensioner keeps them tight, if the clutches are old and the grease in them has gone hard they wont drive, if the clutch has worn the pulley appeture and is no longer an interfearence fit, it wont drive, if the main ball lift belt tensioning spring is not tight enough it will slip on the bottom drive pulley, if there is lane oil on the main PBL belt, it will slip, check that the carpet drive belts are sat on the pulleys at the base of the PBL correctly, if they are sat on the shaft and not the pulley, they will drive the PBL but not deliver any tourque, just go thru it one item at a time, dont overlook the obvious, let us know if anything above cures it!
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