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  • spotting solenoid

    Has anyone had a problem with the lever cam not locking into place when it holds down the nylon roller pulling the latch out of the eccentric table drive causing a half dry spot? I have noticed that some solenoids are slightly longer than others and therefore the rubber spacers have to be thinner to allow the linkage to pull high enough to lock. This new house I am now working seems to have had alot of half dry spots across the house causing "train wrecks" Am I missing anything here? BTW these are MP's and national mtrs.
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    Re: spotting solenoid

    The newer solenoids are too long. What I have done to get around this is to remove the rubber spacers completely and grind down flush the "high spot" where the solenoid now is directly bolted against. This has taken care of that problem with no side affects.

    If anyone knows where to get the correct size solenoid, it would be great if you could post a part number and where to get it. All the ones I have tried over the past many years have all been too long.



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      Re: spotting solenoid

      I agree the new solonoids are longer....just eliminate the rubber spacers.



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        Re: spotting solenoid

        I think most of the problem is the replacment of the old sholder screw with a roll pin that is almost 3 times fater than the old screw was. This causes the center of the link to bottom out on the pin. Try cutting (I grind) about 1/16 to 1/8 inch off that center piece inside the spring link. This will give it a bit more travel, and allow the assy. to lock.


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          Re: spotting solenoid

          Last I heard, Murrey had a solenoid that was the proper length. When I worked with BowlEquip he used to buy them from Murrey.



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            Re: spotting solenoid

            I have not had any problems with new solenoids. I still use the rubber spacers and have not had one problem ever. What would make the difference ? new links verses the old style links ? I use both still no problems.


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