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Sur Pic hand dryer fan.


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  • Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

    I have a sure pick hand dryer fan problem.

    I got a new fan and had to place the squirrel cages from the old fan onto this one. Now The fan it turning fine, I compared it to others. Air seems to be moving. Now there is almost zero air output.

    This fan is not generating any air output. Why am I having this problem? The motor is fine and turning well. The RPM’S are like the other motors. What do I need to adjust to get some output? I feel silly having to ask this but. …..
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    Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

    I would say you probably need to swap the squirrel cages with each other, because they need to spin the opposite way in order to "grab" air.


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      Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

      That is what I though. Same story when cages are switched.


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        Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

        Obvious stuff first:

        Compare the motors... If you replaced a 3450RPM motor with a 1725RPM one (The housings look the same... the tag on the motor is the only easy way to tell), everything will look OK, but it's not spinning fast enough to develop any good pressure.

        The same will happen if a 115V motor is replaced with a 230V one... it will run, but the speed drops dramatically.

        The cage may not be the problem... if the cage is meant to be spun CCW, and you install a CW rotation motor, you will get little or no air. Most of those little fan motors cannot be electrically reversed... they are sold as CCW or CW rotation. I have reversed motors like that, but it's a bit of a pain. If the motor endcaps are the same, you can flip the stator over and reassemble the motor (most of them require bending out the little metal tabs to get it apart), and it will run in the opposite direction.

        Things like this can happen especially if you're using aftermarket / local purchase / replacement motors.

        Clarification: The first two possibilities are true of both single- and double-shaft motors... the third possibility will only affect single-shaft motors. Double-shaft motors don't need to be reversed... CCW or CW doesn't matter, as long as the cages are faced the correct way.
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          Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

          Also, check all the grooves in the squirel cages and make sure the are clear and not built up with hardened dust.


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            Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

            sounds like the motor is running backwards
            unless you get oem you better make sure the replacement motor runs in the same direction as the one you are replacing. it happened to me once at the local motor store number was off by one and now i know why.

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              Re: Sur Pic hand dryer fan.

              uhhhhh....... maybe a hole in the air ducting?
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