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  • pinspots

    [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img] Starting with a broken strap pillow block on the table torque tube I have had no sucsess in getting the pins back on spot. I have used the locating tool to adjusted the table to center the 1 & 7 & 10 pins, tie rods(getting 5/16ths distance between pin deck & table)at the lowest point which changes the center of the locating tool. This also makes the 10-pin side table support assembly lean in noticably. When this is done the pins are at least 1 1/2 inches too far forward. This also changes the adjustments for the spot & respot rods.
    Still no sucess. I need to start ALL over with a correct plan on resetting the table from scratch.
    Whatever help you can offer would be greatful.

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    Re: pinspots

    Am I understanding your post correctly, in that you are trying to set table height with the tie rods?
    The table clevis should be used to set the distance between table and pindeck.
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      Re: pinspots

      alright buddy, we'll get through this. First , do your adjustments in order!! See book if necessary. First get table height right with clevis. Then you want level, left to right and front to back. Left to right will be table leg shims, and front to back will be those long tie rods, k? Once your happy there, get your toe-in right with a combination square/level to get that 1/2 bubble to rear at front X frame. Use tie rod next to respot tie rod for this. Make sure spotting cup springs have good tension. Not enough tension on those springs will make for wobbly spot and may give you gas also.
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        Re: pinspots

        I replaced the table drive assembly and clevis,then replaced the broken strap pillow block.
        Sorry I did not mention that before.
        I had already tried all of your suggestions.
        Any other ideas??


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          Re: pinspots

          *70* has the first part of the equation... table adjustments are best not done piecemeal unless you are VERY experienced with the fine points of the 82/70. The order that they are done in is like that because one adjustment affects the others, like links in a chain... if you do them out of order, you may not be getting the settings where they are supposed to be when everything is completed.

          The next step, after adjustment, is to see just HOW FAR the pins are off-spot... if they are all shifted roughly the same distance, ESPECIALLY to the left or right, you may have to take a hard look at all the components to make sure nothing is bent or shifted, or possibly do a bit of table flagging to get things 'back to battery'.

          Forward-back moves are fairly common (as long as they aren't extremely out of adjustment, which again may indicate that there may be another underlying cause that hasn't been found yet), especially with certain table operations, like removing or changing X-frames, yoke, etc...

          Forward-back adjustments can be readily done with the cup clamps as needed. ABC rules state that a pin is considered acceptably "on-spot" when no more than 1/4" of the black "deck spot" underneath it is showing. A "Deadspotted" table means that when the machine spots a rack, no black deckspots are showing, because the all the pins are completely covering them. Just for reliability and longevity of your adjustments, you should always try to come as close to "deadspot" as you can get... in that way, even minor wear or slight movement of adjustments will not throw the table's spotting pattern out of ABC specifications.
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            Re: pinspots

            To start with I'd make the Respot Rod 31 5/8" center to center and the Spot Rod 34 5/8" center to center and the top Tie Rods 36" center to center, this will give you a starting point. Now see where the table lines up in reference to the pin spots and deck.When using the locating tools the table must be 5/16" off the deck, and the 1 1/2" area of the flags pointer must lay flat on the deck.If only the tip of the pointer touches the deck the table will be to far forward. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
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