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82-90's and Qubica


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  • 82-90's and Qubica

    We're a military center in the UK that is getting 82-90 pinspotters replacing our Japanese A-2's. We have Qubica scoring and would like to know how much of an interface problem if any that we're looking at. Do we have to purchase any extra components, etc? Thanks.

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    Re: 82-90's and Qubica

    I never actually worked on 82-90's with Qubica. Although I had a friend who used to work at one. The bowl had been open 1 year before he started. So any teething problem would have been ironed out by then.

    Depending on where you are, there some megabowl's that have this set up. Cheshire Oaks on Merseyside is definate, Parrs wood in manchester and Star City in Birmingham a possibility.

    So maybe you could give the Chief Mech's there a call and get info from them. They may even let you visit.


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      Re: 82-90's and Qubica

      Our own 90XL`s use AccuscoreXL, however we have had Look over our system to upgrade to Qubica, The scoring system shold only need an interface adaptor from the Chassis. Ross at Complete Leisure Bowling should be able to assist with more detail.

      If you need any help with the 82-90XL`s Let me know, as these are the pinspotters we use, We are a military Center here in Cornwall.
      These are my e-mail addresses: [email protected] or
      [email protected]


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        Re: 82-90's and Qubica

        Actually, jump down a few discussion areas, and you'll find one named "Qubica Scoring Systems"... we have several support technicians from Qubica that regularly monitor and reply to questions. I'm sure that Kristy or one of the other techs can get you the answers that you'll need.

        Honestly, I think that aside from some minor program setting changes, the only thing that will have to change would be the machine interfaces. There's a little box called an XLMP that connects to AMF equipment (2 machines per unit) to provide scorer control.
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          Re: 82-90's and Qubica

          XLMP will have to be purchaced, one for each pair of lanes.
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            Re: 82-90's and Qubica

            Interface is straight forward . It simply connects to the chassis, the chassis is set for the new scoring and an interface plug is installed in the front end box.normal Qubica chassis and hardware is installed.
            Good luck.


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              Re: 82-90's and Qubica

              What the XLMP does... is send a data signal to the chassis for either a sweep reverse (for the 7-10 pick off / gutter) or a short strike cycle.

              The Six box is needed for the machine interface. Not for sure, but I would think that the Six box would be the same for AMF &amp; Brunswick. If so then the XLMP box should be the only thing you would need to add.

              When we got our system I believe there was also something called Fbox that combined the Six box and the XLMP.



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