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  • Carry

    Id like to hear some general formualas you guys use to help pin carry. Combinations of things like panels and pitching the pindecks, new pins and flatgutters. Maybe even oil patterns. What do you think gives you the carry or lack of carry in your particular houses?
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    Re: Carry

    Make your flat gutters solid. Be sure your pindecks are tilted up around .170 inches. Remember the limit is .187
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      Re: Carry

      Seeing you have 70's, you have an inferior kickback, compared to an A model Brunswick.So you really need to make sure everything is tight.What you need to check is all the screws and bolts holding the machine and channels on top of the kickbacks are tight,probably machines strapped together to stop all that sway when you walk across catwalks if not already done would also help tighten kickbacks, toe screws in the bottom of kickback are tight,flat gutters all screws holding the edge boards and the fibre strips are tight as well as making sure the flat gutters need to be hammered into place (Don't Even Think About Plastic Flat Gutters,they can kill scoring ).All this as well as ensuring pindeck is raised at back with a 30 thou tilt up on 10 pin side as most people are righthanded.
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        Re: Carry

        Kickbacks in good shape, not cracked or patched

        Kickback plates solid, not the plastic or urathane ones

        Flatgutters up as high as you can to pass ABC inspection 3 3/8"

        Good pins (no dead wood)

        Pins on spot

        Make a shot to hit the hole

        Rest is up to them


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          Re: Carry

          how come no one likes urethane panels or flatgutters??? They're lively as all crap in this house. I wouldnt go back to fiber if you paid me. Why all the urethane-hate??
          The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.


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            Re: Carry

            The reason I don't like plastic flat gutters is they can't lock in the kickbacks tight enough.By that I mean with really tight flat gutters against the kickbacks they become one piece and add to the rebound effect.If you know old Brunswick A kickbacks you will notice that the kickback finishes at the back of the machine,where the AMF and A,2 kickback finishes just behind the pindeck,to me this is where the kickback needs to be solid not floating.As a bowler I have always found the A's to be the better scoring centers with noticeble pin action,in fact we have just replaced our 40 year old kickbacks with incredible results,with a reported 300 game where the pin flew across the deck in front of the still standing 5 pin and rebounded off the other kickback to take out the 5 pin.
            Now I have used the plastic flat gutters before in a 70 center and the lack of kickback was noticeable,as for plastic kickbacks we have those on our Brunswick kickbacks with no problems.
            always doing my best.


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              Re: Carry

              Tight pin deck, flat gutters, edgeboards kickbacks.

              Pindecks in good shape.

              Pins in good shape.

              Good shot.

              Keep pindecks free of lane oil(carry down) as much as possible.

              As said here, the rest is up to the bowler.
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                Re: Carry

                Get bowlers to realise that 30 - 45 degrees is way too much pocket angle...1.5 inch offset from head pin and 6 degrees...Too much angle = corner pins for flush shots, and big bad splits for pulls and drops!


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                  Re: Carry

                  just do what we do

                  tell them tuff the main reasion we oil las\nes is to prevent brake downs

                  good pins or bad pins tell the bowler to learn how to bowl and stop blameing the lanes

                  or give the bowler the run around

                  talt to the head tech

                  then he will say talk to u

                  u can actually train a bowler

                  (good luck u got a lot of work ahead of u)


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