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LBS issue


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  • LBS issue

    i have a problem. this pair of lanes, either a light ball will not go in the exit, OR a pin will get stuck in the exit. can someone help? im going back and forth with the adjustments.
    - Jason

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    Re: LBS issue

    Best bet, throw the LBS away. I have found that a motified version of the mini PBL is best. You can get the paddle strong enough to kick out 2 16 lb balls and a pin, but slow enough that a 6 lb ball can be pushed out and make it back b4 the paddle returns. Let me know if anyone is interested in the details, as I am not going o waste the time of the die hard LBS


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      Re: LBS issue

      Hey! I resemble that remark. [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]

      Jason –

      1) Check the height of the cam follower. It should be high enough to get a good “bite” on the drop-down cam when it’s in the ‘down’ position but low enough to have plenty of clearance when it’s in the ‘up’ position.

      2) Make sure the reset cams are functioning properly. You might have to make the holes in the plate a little larger to achieve the proper amount of adjustability.

      3) Make sure the back side of the drop-down cams aren’t rubbing. Some of the after market ones need to be ground down a little.

      4) If someone lubed it, thuroughly douche’ it out with electrical spray. The only parts that should get lube are the large cam follower & the rudder pivot.


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        Re: LBS issue

        And speaking of the front cam follower, make sure it is turning freely, if its dry it will kick out light balls. An easy way to lube it is to drown the top of it with 30 weight oil, and it will feed into the bearing.


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          Re: LBS issue

          Check the pitch of the rudder arm. Make sure that the front of the rudder arm is not rubbing on the rear of the door rings. I've had situations where the installation of a new rudder arm has caused the problems you describe due to the bend in the arm not being correct (too much bend). In which case, you'll have to shim the lower brace for the LBS to lower the rudder arm in the exit.

          And, like the other guys mentioned, check condition and adjustment of trip cams and reset cams. Might also want to look into the compression spring tabs as they get slightly rounded and cause the rudder cam (1 per side) to sag slightly resulting in VERY finicky adjustments.
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            Re: LBS issue

            sounds like there is no power drive in the LBS, it is possible the plates are not being allowed to drop against the cam and thus the cam roller just passes under the plates.The cams should allow the drive to alternate between normal and power drive and they could be resetting continuously.It is easier to see on a work bench but you can look at the unit in position and watch the operation , but be very careful.
            To set up and LBS there are only 4 steps.
            1. centralise the unit between the machine sides.
            2. equalise the amount of travel so that it is the same to left and right.
            3. adjust the amount of pressure on the paddle drive pulley to ensure the paddle travels fully left and right.
            4. set the cams to ensure they reset the followers to obtain normal drive after a power drive stroke.
            Good luck.
            Laurie , Scotland


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