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  • Westinghouse BE Motors

    The other day I had a Westinghouse 325 BE motor fry. This is one of only a few that I have. The rest are 314's. Now before someone gets bent all out of shape, let me explain and to those who know what I'm talking about bear with me.

    Both versions of the Westinghouse BE motor look the same externally. It's not until you take the winding off the gearbox that you will see the difference. On a 314 version the surface area of the rotor is 2.75 inches long and on a 325 it's 2 inches. When you look at the plates inside the winding they will be the same demensions as the rotor.

    The centrifical switch on a 314 is the old three ball weighted one, and on a 325 it's a spring type with a smaller wear plate for the mechanical switch. The mechanical switches are different too. Don't use the switches to determine just what type of motor you have. There are a number of people who are changing their motors over to the new type mechanical and centrifical switches. The best and only way to tell just what you have is to check the rotor and winding.

    The problem comes when someone starts changing windings and they do not pay attention to the the gearbox and winding. By the way I've painted all my 325 windings BLACK and the 314's GRAY. BLACK to BLACK and GRAY to GRAY. If you were to put a 325 winding on a 314 gearbox, the 2" plates have to cover the 2.75" rotor. The winding now has to strain to make a magnetic field for the 2.75" rotor, especially at startup. Eventually the start winding will burn out due to this miss match. A 314 winding on a 325 box should be OK, because we have just the opposite effect from the above. In an emergency anything goes, just to keep the machine running. But don't leave the miss match perminate. By the way, if you were to order a new winding from someone like Vantage or a dealer like that, you'll be getting a 325 type winding. No one has new 314 windings forsale, be warned.

    Now if I may add a little trade topic. If anyone has more 325 than 314's and would like to swap them with me, just get a hold of me. If you are a reasonable distance from the Chicago area I'll deliver them to you.

    I hope that I have enlightened some of you on this subject and for those who already knew about this thanks for your patience.

    The doctor makes house calls
    The doctor makes house calls.

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    Re: Westinghouse BE Motors

    >>I told Chaddie Pooh!

    Vantage Motors [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]

    BT Web page
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      Re: Westinghouse BE Motors

      Sad to say, everyone that I have spoke to is in the same boat as you. Trying to get rid of the "talls" as the call them in Vermont in favor of the 'shorts'. Another thing I believe that all the tall rotors had a 14.5 gearing (orignaly) and the shorts were a bit slower, 12.1 as I recal. Anyway, many people have replaced the worm and brass gears in the talls to slow them down. One place I used to buy spare used parts was Derral Tucker Pinsetter parts. I havent seen the number in months, but that might be a place to start if you can track him down. Good luck to ya.


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        Re: Westinghouse BE Motors

        I'm in the same boat as you, Doc. I have mine marked "long iron" & "short iron". I like the color code idea. I might have to do that.

        BTW, I have a few GE BE's I'll trade for Westinghouse. Having to keep 2 different windings for Westinghouse is bad enough. I also have to keep extra GE's too.


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