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humpback woes


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  • humpback woes

    some of the humps on my humpbacks keep splitting or falling off! i have talked to lifelong and they say to send belts back and they will replace.they also tell me i need to re-align and check the angle of the lift. thats why they are seperating! come on thats hard to believe! i have a lot of belts running --all straight and on the same angle so why only a few! i think its the way they are made myself (2 piece)why not make them one? now we get a paper saying they are waiting on supplier before they can make new belts.we can buy a regular belt send it to them and they will put humps on it! wait a minute didnt we buy belts once! sorry - i have to vent im just frustrated a couple of my belts have been gone for months now!if lifelong would just step up and say hey we are having a few problems with belts -i could deal with that --just dont keep telling me its my fault! ive heard a few of the same stories.the system is great when working i'll give them that much but between getting a different belt back everytime and the shipping time is a let down!

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    Re: humpback woes

    (thinking to myself)

    Man Im glad I kept my machines original.


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      Re: humpback woes

      I thought I was the only one upset. Why would I want to buy a belt of my choice and send it to them when I could just put it on my machine. (I wish I had the original setup.) When I took over we already had the humpbacks installed. The previous headmech through all the old ratchet assemblies away. I guess I'm going to start ordering the parts to go back to original. So what is a good belt. I hear the Stahl's is good.
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        Re: humpback woes

        i was gonna tell them to send me the humps and i would glue them on myself. but i figured that would be awhile . so now we resort to repairing what we have!!! why can't somebody come out with something close in design??????


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          Re: humpback woes

          does anybody have any pics of those stahls' belts.i would like to see one . thanx!


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            Re: humpback woes

            im in the same boat you are worm, the original belts i received with humpback kits 3-5 years ago are still running without probs, but the ones i received 2 summers ago now (11 pairs to complete the house) are allll stretching and splitting, ive received 3 of the latest generation belt and it seems to be premo so far. however, i too have been waiting . . . . . . . .and waiting. as the current belts are stretching and unraveling. Ive been having fantasies about lift arms and ratchet wheels lately. 090-002-450 is my favorite belt.


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              Re: humpback woes


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                Re: humpback woes

                When I visited Jim Dorsin and Smokey at the Hilton in Reno they had a lot of Humpbacks, guess where I saw them....Thats right they were hanging on a wall. The humps had horizontal splits through them. I thought they were cut by Jim or Smokey to help lift balls or something. Nope they split on their own.

                Now I've just got to say it. Im sure that Humpbacks have potential. But all Ive seen lately is all you guys bitching about how they split, fall apart, the belts are backordered, ETC. Now I thought that the Humpbacks were suppose to make all the headaches go away. Sounds to me that they are causing all the headaches. Like I always said, keep things original and you will stay out of trouble.

                Later, Mike


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                  Re: humpback woes

                  I have to wonder if it were a bad run or 2, I hear so many people that have had the belts in for years with no problems, the ones that are splitting are only a few years old.

                  I am looking into what hoops we need to jump through to be able to sell the belts we have now. We have some new ones, and some used ones that have not started to split. We are also huge corporate, so there is a mound of paperwork to sift through. I am sure they will want retail for the unused ones, but I will know shortly what they want for the decent used ones. If anyone is interested, give me a holler.



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                    Re: humpback woes

                    I have the black hump-back belts. Not a problem for over 2 years. I dont know if I'm lucky or If something about my set-up has them working so well. But I wounldnt trade them for anything.
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                      Re: humpback woes

                      Pulled my humpbacks out and went back to kickers. Same problem........belts kept seperating and I would have to wait for a replacement. Good thing the whole house had not been done.


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                        Re: humpback woes

                        The first original belts we received are running good still no problems.It's all the others .The ones they have sent us back(a year ago or two it seems) are o.k. so far ,but they are of all different materials. That just tells me that lifelong is having problems in materials.Sure hope they figure out something SOON!


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                          Re: humpback woes

                          My Grading System Of LifeLong Products
                          Duro Rings A+
                          Duro Links A+
                          Humpback Belts Manufactured In 2001 Thru 2003 B+
                          Humpback Belts Manufactured After 2003 F****** Garbage.
                          Just Pulled A 7 Month Old Humpy Today
                          SPLIT LIKE A S.O.B. WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER
                          AND GO AFTER THIS COMPANY IT IS B.S. WHAT THEY
                          5 Clothed Backed Belts That Are OK.
                          One Thing That Has Always Stumped Me If It Is My Fault By Improperly Adjusting The Lift Why Does
                          It Take So Long For The Humps To Split, All Of Mine Happened Within 6 Months To a Year.


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                            Re: humpback woes

                            Wormgears & W.I.T.Shots last two posts are right on!!
                            I ordered in some Humpys after wathching them run in a couple different centers.The belts in these other houses had a white canvas type backing and the lifting side of the belt felt rubbery/tacky.This was 2-3 seasons ago at one center and 3-4 seasons ago at the other.
                            Now,MY belts show up and the grip side feels like some kind of hard hard urathane AND SLICK (no tacky/grippy feel that I thought I was gettin').
                            Called Lifelong to ask someone about why they changed a proven winners formula and J.R. tells me that Nothing has changed,however,a " batch of about 20 or so belts may have left the factory without being sanded."
                            What?Am I stupid!C'mon don't B.S. me as I've only been doin' this for two plus decades!!
                            ESPECALLY since I went to the Boss braging up your belts & now he's rolling his eyes at me like I AM stupid...
                            To their credit, however,Cassandra did finally track me down with a phone call promising that they wanted to make things right & that she would get something in the mail to us soon...


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                              Re: humpback woes

                              ok here is what i've been told. the first edition of belts where made over seas. mine are 3.5 years old and only have lost 3 of 16. when life long stated makin them thats when the quality went to heck. I have not been able to make a new version work. my problem is the belt comes off the v grove but not completely off. so if you dont catch it in time it drags the mounting bracket and i sweep it up off the floor. then they said to coat the v groove with stp oil treatment. have not tried it but still have two good spares of the old style. I also know that some other belt distibutors wanted to make them but the pattent was not for sale. if we all push our suppliers, I think Quality was one, to start developing one they will if thiers enough interest. Lifelongs pattent is good for 7 years then it's fair game for anyone to compete. and thats what they need to get motivated. In closing i would not want to go back to kickers the humps due 90% what they say they do so i'm gonna keep em for know. The only kicker wheel that worked for me was what we called the snow tread, came outta new york by unicam but they disapeared about 10 years ago. later chief````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````````````````````````````` If your back door opens onto your neibors front lawn you might be a redneck/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// How does it look? dos'nt matter can't see it from my house

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