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Interlocks #2


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  • Interlocks #2

    Ok Guys its me again, and that damn gremlin is back again. I have located it to the chassis thou.
    Its lane #1, and if I change the chassis with #2 or #3 everything works fine, except that chassis. If I put it on lane #2 or #3 it does the same thing.
    Here's my issue:
    1st ball, sweep comes to gaurd, time delay, then the sweep relay energizes again with the table relay and runs @ the same time. Sweep gets to about 277 degrees as tables coming down to pick up pins. Then %$#@#$#@ to put it lightly.
    What gives? I have changed ALL the pins & sockets in C1 & C2A plugs thinking of course bad connection. With the other chassis's I have excellent braking on the sweep motor, but with the chassis in question on another lane, sweep motor drifts badly.
    Please, Please we have a FULL house Tuesday night.
    If its SIMS, its only a game.
    Just hit reset.

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    Re: Interlocks #2

    Sounds like you have a bad set of contacts on the sweep relay, or possibly a wire off.


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      Re: Interlocks #2

      If not the pins in the C-1 this one is screaming sweep contacts IMHO. Remember the contacts make the sweep run as well as stop it (the lower contancts in the old Allen Bradleys were the braking contacts). Throw a new set of sweep contacts in and let us know if it helps! [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
      All I want in life is to turn wrenches and climb around pinsetters/pinspotters again :/


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        Re: Interlocks #2

        put a set of seimans-allis contacts in replace of the allen bradly contacts i moded all my chassis with these and it stopped all the crap i dont have the pn# handy but will send it to you tonight for now replace both upper and lower contacts that will get you thru the night anyhow


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          Re: Interlocks #2

          Yes , i go along with the sweep contactor arcing across the contacts.
          Let us know how you get on.


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            Re: Interlocks #2

            Good suggestions!!! BUT!!! Let me enlighten,some things I left out OOPS!

            Have new Seimans relays installed several months ago. Bad contacts? yah a possibility! But new unlikely.
            8270's W/ elco chassis's upgraded W/Omega teck single boards. Like I said norrowed it down to the chassis, But new Seimans relays with only about 5-6 months on them. Haven't had any problems with this chassis ever that I can remember. What else could go wrong in this chassis that could generate this problem.
            Check this out: Took the Omega teck board out of lane #2 that I know is working fine & tryed it in this chassis, still the same problem. I've tryed so many things that what the hey, I try a new seimans relay and keep you posted.
            Thanks SIM.
            If its SIMS, its only a game.
            Just hit reset.


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              Re: Interlocks #2

              Double check the wires to the relay.


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                Re: Interlocks #2

                Your SWP coast is what's causing the TBL & SWP to start at the same time after the time delay. Off the top of my head, I don't remember exactly why it does it but I've seen it on more than 1 occasion.

                Since you've changed the MK-70 & rebuilt the C-1 & C-2-A the only other place it can be is the contacts or the wiring to them from the C-1. New relay or not... Change it & I'll bet your gremlin (which, of coarse, unlike Elvis, will never leave the building) will go find another machine to tinker with.


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                  Re: Interlocks #2

                  Definitely sounds like camswitches/adjustments to me... I can never stress enough how many problems 'marginal' switches can cause. If in doubt, change 'em ALL out... it's fairly cheap insurance against "hair loss" over a sweep/table problem. If you have to take the pack apart to change one, you may as well do all 3... they're usually installed in sets, so if one is acting up, you can almost bet the others aren't far behind.

                  Look for any noticeable buildup of grease/oil on the switch packs... grease separates into oil, which then seeps into the switches and plays hell with the chassis. The switches only carry 'signal' voltage, which doesn't have enough punch to cause an arc that cleans the gunk off the contact pads. Over time, carbon, corrosion, and oil build up on the contact points until it stops (or limits/drops) the voltage flow through the switch, causing flaky problems or nonoperation (and loud bitching from the bowlers and the backend staff).
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