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  • House instalation

    We are installing a couple of lanes in a guys house. They are 8270’s with 5 board chassis. There is an upgrade for Omega tech one board chassis they are wanting me to wire up. The masking units have been replaced and I do not see any masking unit plugs. I am thinking we need to wire the ball cycle lights to the chassis ourselves. I have never done anything close to this before any ideas would help.

    Thanks for the diagrams Dutch! I think I may be missing a page but we are working through that. I probably printed it wrong.

    Another question is that I have not seen a managers control unit. I am assuming they are thinking all the power can be run through the Brunswick Classic scoring unit. I thought you needed to have a managers control unit for the power.

    This is going OK but I have a few questions. What a job! What a house!

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    Re: House instalation

    Lemme guess - Sun Valley.

    If there aren't any mask plugs, simply turn the chassis upside down and solder the wires to the leads on the board. The masks ought to have come with an instruction sheet telling you what Elco terminals the wires go to.

    As for the A&MC box, you know what does what, right? Just put 5 & 6 to the contacts in the scoring unit that close when the machine gets turned on.



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      Re: House instalation


      I tried calling you & all I got was your voice mail.


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        Re: House instalation

        I just talked to Pat. It sounds like he's getting over his jitters & starting to have fun.


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          Re: House instalation

          I have a customer with one lane in his residence. No managers control unit, no masking unit. We just jumped 5 & 6 in the A&MC box for constant ON, and they turn it on and off by the main circuit breaker.
          Jumped 2 & 28 on the chassis PM receptacle to bypass the mask safety switch.


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            Re: House instalation

            We about got it! There are only a few details left. The pinsetters are working fine. The new Brunswick ball return is short a transformer and I was asked to put that in. Lane one is all but buttoned up. Lane two is being odd. I am waiting for a ball lift shaft and that part will also be complete.

            Thanks to some help from bowtech and a few phone calls from Dutch. I am thinking that we will have a successful installation. Dutch thanks for calling be Saturday. I am sorry if I seemed like I was in a hurry but man am I wiped out!

            Since the scorers are not going to be interfaced at all with the pinsetters we decided that we would not use the expander boards for the Omega Tech conversion. Some of my confusion (which Dutch stayed on the line with me until I was clear on) is that we have three Expander board conversions and one Onega Tech conversion with no sweep reverse. I also only have a manual for the expander board conversion only. It looks like I need to order a conversion kit and send two back Monday.

            Lane two does not want to reset properly. It sounds to me like a problem in the AM&C box. The lane cycles fine from the back but will not trigger correctly from the ball lift or the scoring. Some times it will continually cycle and other it will not cycle at all, then others it will cycle out of the blue or when you just touch the AM&C box. To me it seems to be isolated there. I am going to get the Onega Tech conversions in and work from there. I guess it could be a board in the five board chassis.

            You guys should see this house! Man what a place. This has been a lot of work and something I would have never even considered if I had no place I could go for help (Bowltech). I have always wanted to install pinsetter, that has been on my list of things to do since I was 13.

            I will probably have some more questions I just wanted to thank you all. Especially Dutch thanks for calling a guy that is on the same web site as you. I cannot tell you how much you have helped. I will be in touch.

            They were going to throw away the wooden downsweep so now I have one that is in great shape if anyone has a need for a wooden downsweep in good shape.



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              Re: House instalation

              Glad I could help. Any new developments since we spoke on Saturday?


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                Re: House instalation

                Just ordered parts and plan on going up to finish on Thursday.

                I hope I finish everything, if I can't figure out the AN and C box I have authorization to have an electronics specialist help me out and I found out yesterday, none of the resets from the ball return are hooked up.

                That's numbers 3 and 4 in the AN and C box, right?

                Thanks so much, I am still beside myself with appreciation.


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                  Re: House instalation

                  A+MC box

                  1+2 = 10th frame switch

                  3+4 = Ball return upfront

                  5+6 = Manger's Control ON/OFF

                  7+8 = Foul, 7 is ground



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                    Re: House instalation

                    Approach and Manager Control box terminals:

                    1 5

                    2 6

                    3 7

                    4 8

                    Wang has the identification right.


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                      Re: House instalation

                      I have one lane is finished and works properly. The other one will not cycle by the trigering unit (scoring) or the tenth frame switch. I think that the trigering from the scoring should have been taken care of before the auto scoring tech left. But anyway I am not sure where to go from here. A&NC box wiring or what? My major weakness has to do with wiring problems.

                      Any ideas on what I could look at here? I have a computer tech, who is an all around electronics wiz going up with me this week.

                      It just seems like new wires going into the box should cycle a lane.

                      What a challange but I am liking most of it.


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                        Re: House instalation

                        Does it still cycle from the control box?

                        How 'bout if you jump terminals 1 & 2 in the A&MC box with a screwdriver?

                        If you pull out SA until the sweep gets to 66º, does the cycle continue? If it does, you're stuck in instructomat. Try disconnecting both manager control wires at 5 & 6, in the A&MC boxing & turning the machine on at control box. This will let you know if the problem is in the machine or scoring.

                        We're still using the old manager control switches at the desk. We moved the desk & had to extend the wires by soldering on 30' extensions. We have 3 lanes that have similar problems as your lane if we turn them on at the desk. If we turn them on at the control box there's no problem. Does this sound familiar?


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                          Re: House instalation

                          Thanks Dutch I was in a hole for cell phone service. What seems to have happened is that one side lane one is right in the a&NC box and the lane two side is not even the same.

                          WE cannot figure out how to get 24 volt power to the ball return so that either lane will turn on the ball return.

                          More later I have to run to another place now. What a day!


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                            Re: House instalation

                            Got it all but finished today. Finally! What a feeling. I was going up on days off and waiting for parts. The A@MC box on lane 2 was wired wrong. The ball return was a challenge to hook up. Thanks for all the help guys.

                            Once we wired the A&MC box correctly we found that something was blown in chassis. Probably got some unnecessary voltage going to a componant.

                            Now I just have to wait until the owners come up for vacation and drill some balls and let these things run. THe construction crew is putting some games on lane one while I am waiting for a new chassis and Omega tech board.

                            What an experience!


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                              Re: House instalation

                              Re.your ball return switching on thro machines.There is no 24 volt supply from 82/70 only on an 82/30. you will need to install a transformer into the ball return unit and hook up the wires from the a & mc box to it.Position 3 and 4 in a & mc should only be on position 3 and has to be looped to the adjacent lane in the a & mc box e.g.the yellow from odd lane goes to odd 3 and the brown from even lane goes to odd 3 this way you only need one run of twincore to work both lanes. If you use two runs then simply put one to yellow and one to brown on each side of the a & mc, so when machine turns on, relay pulls in and voltage is allowed to pass to the lift unit at the top end.
                              Good luck.


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