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pin spotting after 2nd ball


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  • pin spotting after 2nd ball

    I have a lane that doesn't want to set pins after the 2nd ball. Here's what happens.....If a bowler throws a strike, everything works properly. If he leaves pins, machine will cycle OK, pick up, sweep, and reset pins. After 2nd ball is thrown, sweep runs, then table comes down and feels for pins, goes back up with fingers closed and sits there. I have to manually open the fingers and hit the cycle button. Then, the machine thinks it was a strike and will set a new rack. (I babysat this all night last night.) When I had the chance to check things out I found several problems that could have caused the problem, including a shorted 1st ball light receptacle, a broken wire on the microswitch that actuates the shuttle, a broken lever on the cell mechanism. Fixed all those and also changed the switch at the actuator. Problem persists. Already swapped chassis', so that is not the issue. Irritatingly, every so often, it all works right.

    Thinking spotting relay is next. I'm also going to check wiring in harness to chassis today. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

    Have you checked to see that none of the C-1 & C2a female wireway pins are not getting pushed in when you plug them in to the chassis? Off spot switch? GPS or jumper wire if GPS has been removed? Switch pac's both sweep and table? If you have an SS chassis, the flat green plug? It sounds like it's not changing logic. Perhaps low voltage like micro switches like the SB. Just some ideas to throw out there. I'm sure other's on this site can nail it down for you.
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      Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

      The last time that I had that problem the table drive itself was the problem.


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        Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

        I tend to think that your electrical logic is fine since the table is in fact “thinking” its going into spotting, its just not rotating the cups.

        Two major mechanical things must happen to rotate the cups. The spot lever must lock and the table drive must be unlocked.

        A few things off the top of my head that can prevent these things from happening:

        Table over shooting 355
        Defective table drive
        Sticky or broken selonoind linkage
        Sticky spotting arm latch
        Blown clevis bearings

        I’m sure there are more, just haven’t had any coffee yet.



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          Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

          Is the spot solenoid firing?

          Spring link OK?

          Works sometimes?... One side of the spot solenoid broken where the pin goes thru?

          Long shot, depending on what chassis you're using... 2nd ball light circuit. With the 5 board set-up, if that circuit was compromised, the machine didn't fully know it was on 2nd ball & would do strange things. This isn't an issue if you're using an MK-70. Don't know about other aftermarket boards or chassis.


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            Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

            make sure your table isnt drifting past zero Degrees make sure the nylon roller on the table drive isnt going past the spot actuator lever if this happens that could cause your table to only go to respot heights when it is supposed to spot pins.If that is the problem adjust the TA 1 cam.. the nylon roller should be a safe distance behind the actuator lever..


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              Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

              It is apparently the solenoid. It sticks on occasion, more so as the night goes on. Planning to replace it, or at least parts of it tomorrow. Looks like a real bitch to get out though [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]

              Thanks guys.


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                Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

                Check amd make sure that the table shaft isn't broken. We had one break on us the other week and it was doing the same thing yours is. We didn't notice it till we took part of the assembly apart. It was broken at the keyway.
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                  Re: pin spotting after 2nd ball

                  Had a similar problem the other day.
                  Turned out the spot solonoid was stiff and not engauging fully. The shuttle stop bolt had come out of adjustment and was too far out, causing it to bind on the shuttle stop lever assembly hence the whole spot mechanism wouldnt move freely and would do a 1st ball cycle on 2nd ball logic.

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